Heavenly Sword Multiplayer Rumor Officially Debunked

Two days ago, a site that goes by the name gaminginsider posted a rumor about Heavenly Sword to getting online multiplayer sometime after the game launches.

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Phantom_Lee4164d ago

I dont think anybody believe that list....too good to be true..

DiLeCtioN4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

i want my multiplayer online now!! T.T
Get back to work and suprise us ninja theory

timmyp534164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

the list sounds kindah impossible.. the most someone coulda hoped for was co-op

Deathmatch (Maximum of 8 players per game)
* PVP (1 vs. 1)
* Capture the Flag (16 players)...what?
* Control (Capture all the Zones on the map to win, 16 players)
* 2 modes that have yet to be revealed

The download will also bring splitscreen offline and splitscreen online (similar to Warhawk) to the game. Online seems to be a must this generation and Ninja Theory will be bringing it to Heavenly Sword. Hopefully it isn’t just tacked on, I wouldn’t mind them even delaying the game to make sure that online is available on the day of release.

these modes dont even match the game

IBLEEDBLU4164d ago

that would be stupid....thats like god of war being online..its based on 1 person - good thing they didnt do it because it would have been a waste of time...

we have warhawk to keep us busy and then COD4 will cover us till KZ2

PS360PCROCKS4164d ago

you know at first I read the title and was like damn this would have been so cool but than I read your post and realized yes how lame it would have been...because it wouldn't have even been the same game, it would have turned into like a tekken style fighting game...what they should have done though is make an online component of where you can go into a room and you get 1 life and they throw as many guys as you as possible and you have to survive and than you can post your scores up online and have like a PGR4TV kinda service where people can log in and watch you do it...that would be fun, and adds more play time...

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The story is too old to be commented.