Star Fox 64 - Nintendo Wii Virtual Console Review []

Star Fox 64 was revolutionary when it was released on the Nintendo 64 years ago. Now that it's been released for the Wii Virtual Console, it can't really be called innovative or revolutionary. But that doesn't take away the fact that the game is incredibly fun and just as addictive as ever.

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Matthew942994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

should have been given 5/5
one of the best games ever

eagle212994d ago

I have yet to download it for VC...will do it soon. :)

TheSanchezDavid2994d ago

It is indeed one of the most entertaining games for a Nintendo console, but certain aspects haven't aged especially well. The lasting value, for example, is good, but even with alternate routes, it's a fairly short game. Not to mention the control quirks on the Virtual Console version. Those are all little things that keep it from getting a 5/5 score.

Matthew942993d ago

i feel that although it is short getting medals and playing expert mode adds a lot to the game. expert mode is like a game in itself

TheSanchezDavid2992d ago

That's very true. The replay value is there. And believe me, the original N64 version would easily warrant a 5/5 rating. But given the fact that both control options in the VC version have their own flaws, it's hard to give this game a perfect score. It's nothing against the game; it's just that the controls are lacking in one way or another on the VC.

Matthew942992d ago

didnt think about VC controls. i still play it on my N64 you see