Bounty Hunting Checklist for Red Dead Redemption

As part of many sidequests that a player can do in Red Dead Redemption, why not be a good Samaritan and eliminate all the hostile criminals by doing Bounty missions?

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ShadyDevil3001d ago

Great checklist. Will help me out with the platinum.

MattyF3001d ago

Will make things easier.

MightyMark4273001d ago

Gah, so many things to do in this game =/

KwietStorm3001d ago

Would be nice if Moe Van fcuking Barr wasn't glitched.

RAZORLAND3000d ago

I kept getting Rufus Higbee, now I keep getting Link Huston. huray for glitches!

Ray1863001d ago

I just finished all of my ambient challenges yesterday. I thought master sharpshooter 10 was going to be so much harder than it actually was. All that I have to do now is 5 finger fillet in Mexico. I really am hoping that it's the same.

Bathyj3001d ago

It would be nice if your gun didnt bloody reload automatically.

I'm trying to do that challenge but if you holster your gun which happens cause its easier to ride it reloads.

I guess I'll try it on foot and keep the gun right out in front of me so it cant.

How many times do you have to knife a bear to kill it?
I must have cut him about 6 times. It must be funny to see a guy chasing a bear on foot with a knife instead of the other way around.

Tetsuryu3001d ago

If it's Master Hunter 8 you're referring to:

You just have to finish off a bear with a knife, no need to inflict damage exclusively with said weapon. You can get a Bolt Action Rifle, shoot it twice in the body, then finish it off with three quick knife swipes.

As for Sharpshooter 10:

Go to a saloon with about 6+ occupants or so (males preferably), draw your weakest pistol (to avoid killing anyone) towards a poker table, wait until a panic occurs, go to Dead Eye Mode to mark as many guns as possible, and you should be able to fulfill the requirements. May take a few tries though.

Adversary3000d ago

If you haven't done the shooter challenges already, the best way to do them is unload your bullets until you only have 1 clip, then save your game before you go out. You won't reload when you put your gun away.

kneon3000d ago

Usually a few swipes to the head should do it, I've not gone after the body with a knife, that would probably take more.

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The story is too old to be commented.