New GTTV including Crysis

The countdown to E3 continues with exclusive first footage from Crysis 2 and Vanquish! Plus, details on the next Red Faction and the first gameplay trailer of F.E.A.R. 3 this week on GameTrailers TV!

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Dylantalon13032d ago

so i guess by friday this week we should have crysis 2 vs killzone 3 and crysis 2 vs uncharted 2. we might even see a crysis 2 vs little big planet which wouldn't surprise me because this is news for fanboys.

DA_SHREDDER3030d ago

LOL, Crysis doesn't even look as good as KZ2. I dont know if that was CG or what, but regardless it aint got nothing on Uncharted either. Red Faction, they better make it a FPS or it aint doing nothing either. Vanquish looks freakin sweet, I didnt' know the creator of Resident Evil was making that. IT looks dope. Everything else for show on here was meh. I seriously cannot wait for E3 though.

Hideo_Kojima3030d ago

I am more excited about RF and I hope they stick with the 3rd person view it is better than not being aware of your surroundings.

What they need in Red Faction is colour. Make the story 100 years after the first game by that time Mars should be full of plants.

iamgoatman3030d ago

U2 and KZ2 look better than Crysis? Ha! That's a good one...

Seriously, enough of the moronic trolling.

Chris_TC3030d ago

I don't know whether I should give DA_SHREDDER a bubble (Funny) or take one away (Trolling)

sid4gamerfreak3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

.....and then well find out the superiority of the pc version of crysis 2....

EDIT: @below: Yup, i mean we all know itll be superior but by how much? Thats what I wanna see. Expecting a big difference.

grailly3030d ago

is there really any "finding out"?
just rubbing it in aren't you?

Kingdom Come3030d ago

The line up for the Episode is fantastic, can't wait to finally set my eyes on fire with Crysis 2 gameplay and NEW RED FACTION!

Hideo_Kojima3030d ago

imagine if someone made a game like red faction with graphics like crysis

Kingdom Come3030d ago

I have imagined, I had to change my trousers after the thought.

FangBlade3030d ago

may the best nano suit win

Shaman3030d ago

Gameplay footage will be console version.I expect Crytek to raise a bar :)

gijsbrecht3030d ago

Not if one should believe the Bit-Tech.Net impressions, where it's stated: "For starters, those who are graphically obsessed would do well to know that, while Crysis 2 looks good on consoles, it’s also not the best title we’ve seen on that front." But this is of course the opinion of just one person. I'm really curious how Crysis 2 will look in an urban enviroment and how the gameplay will be. The screens do look good I must say.

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The story is too old to be commented.