Four Red Dead Redemption Hunting Stories: The Ones that Didn't Get Away

Until Red Dead Redemption rolled into town in a cloud of dust and hawk feathers, no other game delivered a hunting fix like Oregon Trail 2. Pheasant, buffalo, or that big grizzly, most of Bitmob's Trail time involved hunting -- it didn’t matter if they had enough meat to last them two trips to Oregon or not.

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rroded3037d ago

so many things ta do jus hit lvl50 on mp so im finishing the story b4 i prestige but it hard with so many distractions lol.

bbretterson3037d ago

I love how much wildlife is in Red Dead Redemption -- except when those damn cougars leap out of nowhere and kill my horse.

atc19823037d ago

i get killed by cougars .. i think they hunt me

rod_furlong3037d ago

I haven't even seen a bear or buffalo yet

Sadie21003037d ago

I'm pretty much spending half my playing time just hunting.