EA Sports on EA MMA: “This time we are actually the underdog”

"EA Sports knows they are going up against an established franchise (UFC Undisputed) with an established brand (UFC). While it may not have yet showed the longevity of Madden, UFC Undisputed 2009 proved to be a commercial success with over 3.5 million units moved. And just based off of review scores of this iteration, UFC 2010, it looks like this trend will continue."


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cain1413036d ago

The UFC brand is huge to the sport. They will have to work hard to make up for the lack of mainstream names in the fighters...

Rumor3036d ago

but uuuuuuh.....ufc owns

barom3036d ago

UFC brand might be much bigger than its closest competitor but that doesn't mean that there exist a market for another. DREAM and StrikeForce both have some of the toughest fighters out there and they all have fans. Plus UFC 2010's singleplayer (modes) sucked (it pushed me away at least), which leaves an opening for EA MMA.

ceedubya93036d ago

for MMA. EA really has a chance here to build on this genre and possibly take some thunder away from THQ. They may not have a lot of the big names, but the potential is there for a game that would be even better than the competition. heck, if they just manage to make a better career mode, I know I'll buy it.

R2D23036d ago

I think customization will be key for EA- if the can pull a menu where you can create your own charecter to your likings then they have a winner.

BetaChris3036d ago

Should be interesting to see what EA does to make their MMA game stand out...

cain1413036d ago

It is interesting that not having the UFC license will allow them to add things in that UFC doesn't allow.

johnbknight3036d ago

Maybe this will cause them to put out a top notch product for once, instead of relying on exclusivity and name recognition alone...

cain1413036d ago

Yeah they can't rest on past successes if they want this to sell...

arakouftaian3036d ago

Not the undreogs or the top dogs
the rats are what EA sports ares rats.

Blaze9293036d ago

When did EA Sports start making games that aren't sports? I mean, that's what they said right? MMA isn't a sport? Or what they meant was, we didn't see enough dollar signs.

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The story is too old to be commented.