Sony Packs More Value Into the PS3; HDMI Now Included

One of consumer’s biggest and most valid gripes with the PlayStation 3 has long been the fact an HDMI cable is not included. This is mainly due to the fact that Sony has long been touting the PS3, as the high definition console, even offering ‘full 1080p’ gaming and movies. What good is a 1080p capable “High Definition” console when you’re given nothing more than a composite cable only capable of standard definition 480i? Admittedly, the missing HDMI cable was much more noticeable at launch when the PS3 cost $599, but who wouldn’t want a free HDMI cable packed in with each and every PS3?

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JonnyBigBoss3114d ago

Value beyond belief. This is a great bundle.

hybridtheory123114d ago

Agreed. LBP FTW. and in HD lol

WhittO3114d ago

This is great because i know sooo many people who have a ps3 and dont have it plugged in via HDMI, even though they actually have a HD TV!lol.

One of the huge advantages of the PS3 is how great the XMB looks in 1080p lol, not to mention huge jump in quality in playing games in HD compared to SD.

Hideo_Kojima3114d ago

I am sad for people who buy £60 cables.
This will at list stop them from going and being fooled by the people working in TV stores.

I get my wires for £2-3 of the internet.

Motion3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Yeah, its cool that they throw them in there, but seriously, HDMI cables cost under $5.

This one on amazon is under $3. And before anyone goes off saying that better quality ones cost $100, a digital connection is a digital connection. If it works it works, and spending more money won't improve the signal.

Now I'm not dissing sony, again its cool they throw them in there now, but from the article "Don’t believe this amazing value?", well, its not that bulk the cables probably cost sony pennies.

lagoonalight3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Bull. HDMI is still susceptible to losses ESPECIALLY if you run over 15 feet. I bought my bettercables silver serpent HDMI 1.4 cable for 40 bucks and it is the only one I'll ever need. To each their own. But don't go telling me some piece of **** 3 dollar cable can compare to a silver laced top breed 2 categories above it. There are plenty of specifications that better cables no pun intended have to pass that that 3 dollar one does not. Many of these things are related to distance but again that 3 dollar cable is not even 1.4. Many people do not realize that analogue signals can be used with much better signal across longer distances, also. Let me tell you: this cable would not be reliable over ten feet no doubt, and there are plenty of complaints about that cable on amazon. Do your research before blindly trusting hobos.

These guys are clearly not the most expensive but they manufacture GREAT products all around. There are other companies that offer just as good for even less if you care to research. I went with better cables because it is 1.4. There is a reason all those 1 and 2 star reviews exist on amazon. Cuz the cable is crap. You need to at least spend 10 bucks on a cable or you are GOING to be getting cheap cheap cheap crap.

BigPenguin3114d ago

LagoonLight. You do not understand the difference between an analog signal and a digital one. With digital you either have the picture or you don't. It is not like analog where the picture gets progressively fizzier as it gets worse. The digital signal is sent through 1's and 0's.

I will try and explain it so you can understand. Imagine a ladder, it has rungs, and there will be a person moving up and down it. The rung they are on is a code, and its your job as a person 500 yards away to determine what rung they are on. So you watch them, and you do a pretty good job, but you are far away, so occasionally you mistake the 3rd rung for the 2nd, or the 7th rung for the 8th. You still have the general picture, but it is slightly fuzzy, because occasionally you make a mistake about what rung they are on. And the farther away you get, the worse you see them, so the more fuzzy you are about what rung they are on. This is analog.

Digital is the same in a lot of ways, there is a ladder, and person is on it, and you need to determine where on the ladder they are. Only this time, with a digital signal, they are either at the top of the ladder or the bottom(aka 1 or 0), so it is very easy to tell where they are now. Even when you go out past the distance that you would have had trouble with analog, you can still tell if they are on the top of bottom of the ladder easily. Because this is not an analog signal, it is a digital signal, and the only way you could mess it up is if something prevents you from seeing the ladder at all. This is why with a digital signal you either have the picture or you don't.

Now I admit, there is a slight advantage of not getting the cheapest cables, and this is to get the shielding, which many of the 5cent cables lack. This is typically what causes the flickering in cheaper cables. It is caused from being to near other electronics, which have an EMF which can screw with things. But you can get shielding on most of the $2 HDMI cables, so it is still not needed to get even the $20 ones.

Stop spreading your misinformation, just because you were so stupid you purchased something expensive and unneeded does not mean you have the right to try and trick others into making a bad decision as well.

travelguy2k3114d ago

but really over lnger distances. I have a projector, i spent $40 on a 50 foot cable that had "handshake" issues. i upgraded my cable to the best that Monster sells $299 (35 feet) at bestbuy or 80 bucks on ebay, and i have never had an issue since. Plus as the standard changes 1.3 - 1.4 + so will the requirments of the cables to be able to send this extra info.

But in normal circumstances, any HDMI cable will work.

dude_uk3114d ago

all i gotta say is.. pwned ;)

Motion3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I'll give you that, no contest. I've had terrible luck trying to use a 6ft cable over 10ft as well.

However, we're not talking 10-50' cables here. The ps3 is going to come with a 6' hdmi, and that is what I linked to on amazon. True, you may get some higher end plugs/casing on a more expensive cable, which may hold up to being moved around better over time. Like I said before, with a digital signal it either works or it doesn't.

Oh, and p.s.
Amazon does have HDMI 1.4 cables in the $5 dollar range, and with 4-5 star reviews.

nycredude3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


In theory you are correct but in real life it's not always so cut and dry. Some cheap ass cables are of very poor quality and may have defects which WILL effect the performance. I am not saying that anyone should by the expensive cables as they are a rip off but you should research where and what brand you buy from.

Also most of us on N4g knows you can get a cheap cable online but you still have to pay for it, it's still not as cheap as free and it still has to be shipped. It's much more convenient to get it out of the box. I don't know about you but I frequently am willing to pay a bit more to get something right away than wait for it, as most people are.

Weather you think so or not this IS a big deal cause of the convenience factor and plus most casual people will see this as a huge plus!

I forgot about the free game also...

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sikbeta3114d ago

"As if the 250GB PS3 SKU wasn’t already a great value, being only $50 more than the 120GB SKU and featuring double the HDD capacity. Now, the 250 SKU will be packed with a 6-foot HDMI cable and the Greatest Hit’s Game of the Year Edition of LittleBigPlanet. Here’s the kicker, it’s still only $349.99!"

Awesome Deal!!!

R_aVe_N3114d ago

Think I might get my daughter this bundle or another bundle like it for xmas.

BakedGoods3114d ago

You mean you might get *yourself* this bundle. Hah, I always disguise my guilty pleasures as gifts for the wife/kids.

Consoldtobots3114d ago

all they have to do is start packing in USB headsets and fanboys heads will begin to explode everywhere. "does not compute, does not compute, cannot whine about sony anymore aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh" BOOOOOM!

thehitman3114d ago

The Sony Bluetooth headset and cross game chat together release firmware will really pick up the PSN community.

Consoldtobots3114d ago

you really expect Sony to start packing bluetooth headsets with PS3s?
nice thought but wishful thinking.

SaiyanFury3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

To those people that argued Sony not including about no component/HDMI cable in the package, not everyone has an HDTV. My best friend in town close to me has only a standard TV, so no component cable nor HDMI would benefit him. Good on Sony for including an HDMI cable. That said, before Sony including a cable, a reasonably informed person could easily find a cheap, long HDMI cable online. I bought my main 12' HDMI cable online for 20 dollars. I guess some other people haven't done the same research. :)

maawdawg3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Yes it is nice that they are including something that they should have all along. MS should be as well so hopefully they will follow Sony's example here. Their cost for an HDMI cable is nominal and shorting the customer all this time was ridiculous. To include something now that should have been there all along and call it a value bundle is not to my taste in the least.

Any informed consumer can head over to monoprice or another source and get a 6' cable for <$5. People who pay $50-100 for an HDMI cable deserve to have their wallets emptied for it for not doing their research in some cases.

At least having it in the box will protect the uninformed customers and grandmas buying gifts from listening to the people at Bestbuy (and the like) who push the Monster cables with the systems for no reason.

lagoonalight3114d ago

You people are the ones that need to do your research. This piece of **** cable has some of the worst ratings on amazon and these cables in general are bottom of the barrel in comaprison to other cables that actually HAVE RATINGS TO SHOW THEIR WORTH. HDMI is rated in categories and of course there are specifications that it has to pass relating to all kinds of different things. Just because someone told you digital is digital does not make your 3 dollar crap product the best out there.

People would not market better cables if there were absolutely no differences. It's like beef. There are all kinds of it but some are just more tasteful and expensive. If you are paying a hundred bucks for a 3 foot cable yes you may be getting ripped off but you still have one hell of a cable that will never break. Can't say the same about the cheap connectors, conductors, and shielding in the 5 dollar cables. Half of them bust after a year or two and half of them are fine for a couple years before crapping out. But I don't care. I will still go with better cables HDMI 1.4 to be sure my TV is the best it can be. Why pay a grand or two for a TV and then skimp on connections because you cannot bear to spend 30 more dollars. All I need is 3 feet and I'll be damned if I'm going to trust some 3 dollar product with dated HDMI specs.

maawdawg3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I guarantee that my digital signal is exactly the same as your digital signal over my $4, 6' cable.

It is a digital signal, all it has to do is get through the cable, and they are rated for signal loss specs. Head on over to bluejeans cable and read up on ratings systems and check out the certifications on monoprice's cables.

There is no such thing as "1080p certification", which many big companies brag about as a selling point. All cables with 1.3 certification have passed a signal loss test over their length via ATC testing.

For the price of your $80-100 dollar cable that provides the same signal I can buy 20 replacement cables if mine ever degrades or breaks, which they don't do anyway. It is just a wire sitting between two points, it isn't doing physical work.

Just because someone said "this Monster cable transmits better" doesn't mean you didn't get $75 dollars stolen out of your wallet for the same exact picture on your TV as I look at when I play a game or watch a movie on my $4 cable.

People market "better cables" because there are tons of people who believe they NEED IT, or feel they are going to have an inferior service unless they buy the thing with the thing with the highest price tag. Why not fill a market void if people will spend a ridiculous amount on something so far over required certification it makes no sense? That is what Monster is doing.

Me drinking my coffee out of a $3 ceramic mug and you drinking yours out of a giant jewel encrusted gold chalice that costs $200,000 doesn't make the coffee any different.

There are reasons places like AVS forum and cnet are completely against overpriced HDMI.

CNET rates electronics as a business and they use exclusively monoprice (bargain) cables to do so.

NeoBasch3114d ago

Anybody know if this is 1.3 or 1.4? If the latter, than new PS3 owners will be ready for the 3D upgrade later this year. ;)

Syronicus3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

First they take away the Other OS feature without my say and now they are giving us HDMI cables with every PS3 sold? I never authorized this! I'm gonna sue!


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Godmars2903114d ago

Still, they might be doing it - at last - because of plans to blitz its value as a media system.


DarkBlood3114d ago

im thinking now that i plan to get a ps2 cuz i have a 80 gig fatty so i'll just play my ps2 games on a regular ps2 for the first time and get a slim ps3 for whatever its worth but not sure if i'll get much out of it though