Exclusive: Hulu coming to Xbox Live at E3

Wondering what big announcements Microsoft has up its sleeve for E3, aside from all the Project Natal stuff? Well, it looks like Hulu is gonna be their other surprise. While everyone was looking to the iPad as the device that would kick off the subscription-based paid model for Hulu, it instead looks like the Xbox 360 is going to get that honor.

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evileyevileye2995d ago

While I really hope it's true, the source seems a little unsure of itself and I'm also not to happy about the price tag.

-Alpha2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Well regardless XBL continues to offer strong features. I just wish they would include some sort of bonus or package with Gold subscribers. Gold members pretty much have to pay for everything, why not give them incentive by tossing them a free show or two? I know they have bargain deals and all that which is cool, but as great as XBL's features are they get costly. But I suppose the fans will buy it regardless. Perhaps we will see a Platinum subscription level like Pachter predicted after all?

I am excepting to see more features like this for LIVE. MS is staying ahead when it comes to software and I'm sure they will continue to do so. XBL is a major selling point for MS and they will continue to emphasize it in order to sell their product.

Bnet3432995d ago

Lay off dude. Alpha Male made a good post, what is your problem? Why don't you argue and insult the trolls instead of posters who actually contribute to whats at hand.

FrankenLife2995d ago

I don't want another pay for service on my 360. What would you be paying for with this service? Movies? Netflix already has that covered. TV? That's free online. The only thing I can think of is a larger back catalog of TV shows. That isn't enough to do if for me. This will surely be another Gold only service, but this doesn't seem to be a real incentive for being gold. They don't seem to incentivize gold in general. They just choke Silver until they give in. You have to pay to send messages, use other wise free services(twitter/facebook), download demos when released, and have access to Netflix which is already being paid for. If this Hulu thing is real, then it better have some real compelling reason to pay for it. Otherwise this will just be MS wanting me to pay to have access to a free service.

I would rather have standard regular Hulu for free. Oh wait, I already do.

ActionBastard2995d ago

I'm still amazed by the eagerness of 360 owners to pay for something available free on the net.

plumber152995d ago

This is great the only problem I see is hulu is only in US . So if this is true then sony is taking features out while Ms is adding feature to only one country

Spydiggity2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

i guess you've never seen a ps3 exclusive article. cuz if you think alpha's post was up someone's ass, you ain't seen nothing.

the fanboys on the ps3 articles do so much suckin, their ps3 is probably raw.

as for the article..hulu would be a great feature, but they're outta their mind if they think i'm payin additional fees. the only stuff on hulu worth any money was the daily show and colbert and they're gone.

@actionbastard: i'm still amazed by the eagerness of ps3 trolls to comment in every article completely unrelated to them.

ActionBastard2995d ago

@ Spy
I have all 3 consoles. I'll say what I like.

BRG90002995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Hulu is soon going to be a subscription service in browsers too, or at least that's what all the rumors and articles have been saying for a few months. So a price tag here isn't really surprising, and will probably simply mirror what it costs on the web soon.

IdleLeeSiuLung2995d ago

... but you guys don't have to pay for Hulu if you don't use it! You would be no worse off than now!

Elvfam5112995d ago

I Knew This Was Gonna Happen When Hulu Stop Working On The Ps3 Broswer.... Good Job Ms

Legosz2995d ago

This Hulu is only useful to americans. Just goes to show how much microsoft cares about it's global market.

Spydiggity2995d ago

doesn't make you any less of a troll.

@elvfam: they probably stopped allowing ps3 browser access cuz it's a piece of crap that crashes every time you try to run it. multiple windows? crash! aimexpress? crash! megavideo? crash!

i can't think of any reason to use ps3 browser unless you have no computer...and if you have a video game console and no puter, you are quite good at poorly managing your money.

my monitor died a few months ago and i had to use the ps3 browser for a week, and it was torture. most productive week of my life though. :-P

-Alpha2995d ago

Thanks Kigmal/other people. God forbid I praise the 360 in a 360 article :/

beardpapa2995d ago

Features are great to have alpha, they truly are. But I hope this doesn't mean MS also losess touch with what the xbox is at its core. It's a gaming console. Now are they going to focus on bringing us more games at E3, games we don't know of? Or are they going to focus on hulu and talk about non-gaming features as the highlight, aside from natal?

Like I said, features are great. But I never bothered and still don't care about Twitter or Facebook integration.

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deadreckoning6662995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Better be INCLUDED with Gold membership, cause if not, its a waste of money in my eyes. I never understood why people buy TV shows. You can stream most, if not all of them from the Internet for free. Unless u absolutely NEED to watch ur shows in HD, I see no reason not to just steam em for free.

Rumor2995d ago

and here i thought my ps will be getting dibs on this.and i love hulu! lol

fuck me

niceguywii602995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

What price tag? LOL


wait for facts...

Max Power2995d ago

They are going to start charging for Hulu, so that's the price tag.

chaosatom2995d ago

Price tag on a service that is suppose to be free sucks!

If it was free, then I would have been jealous for sure.

Captain Tuttle2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Who says it's "supposed" to be free? Expect Hulu to start charging across all platforms.

Either way, I won't pay extra for this. I just don't watch enough TV to care.

MNicholas2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Hulu is a service in search of a business model. All that venture capital and nothing to show for it. Very thin margins. They need to try something new. Perhaps this is it. Perhaps not. Time will tell. It will be impressive if the Hulu mgmt can convince the content partners to agree to such a thing. Then again Microsoft can buy it's way into any deal.

I could actually tell you but then you'll have to sign an NDA.

Redgehammer2995d ago

you told wouldn't you be violating a NDA? :-)

mookins2995d ago

I don't see what Action Bastard said that was wrong. If he has all three consoles, then he has a right to speak his mind.

badz1492995d ago

but Hulu is supposedly free over there, right? or is it going to be subscription based from now on? if so, that's SUCKS!

duplissi2995d ago

yeah, i read the title and was all happy. ive been pissed ever since hulu blocked the playstation. then i read the article...

subscription fee possibly limited content compared to the site..... NO FUCKING GO.

ya i think ill stick with boxee and my laptop to tv via hdmi, that way i get it all *evil laugh ensues*

tinybigman2995d ago

that i can get for free on my pc, and laptop. and besides i have a dvr so i never miss my shows to begin with.

avengers19782995d ago

Hulu has also been talking about coming to PSN.

36T2995d ago

Get the hell outta here! Really?! lol

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bioshock12212995d ago

That is awesome if it's true hopefully you can see some shows for free. I know Hulu is going to have a subscription fee soon. But only if you wanna see old shows but you will still be able to see the latest newest episodes for free and hopefully it's the same for Xbox live this is great news.

Kamikaze1352995d ago

Hulu cut PS3 support ages ago for some reason.

NecrumSlavery2995d ago

They did that to keep HULU exclusive to America.

Hulu said they want to span all platforms Wii to iPhone.

Just like Netflix.

Sheikh Yerbouti2995d ago

I think it is great for consoles that we are getting all these features. If 360 gets them first, I don't care as long as I can get them too.

I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with a set-top box.

facelike2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

So they cut access of their service from one platform so they can expand it to all platforms?

What about that doesn't make sense.

duplissi2995d ago

no they cut it because one of their content providers was bitching about being able to watch hulu on your tv via ps3 (negates the need for cable/satelite somewhat)

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