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NYC_Gamer2731d ago

rockstar just ruined one of my fav series...

FOXDIE2731d ago

lets wait and see, im also skeptical but lets leave judgment out till we see some game footage!

dizzleK2731d ago

pardon my french but it looks generic as f*ck, if you didn't tell me that it was max payne 3 i'd have figured it was a sequel to stranglehold. unless they do something bloody amazing with the storytelling this going into the "wait 'til it's $30" pile.

swiftshot932731d ago

Its Rockstar guys, I wouldnt hold my expectations as anything less than a GOTY candidate and a AAA status on metacritic.

kaveti66162731d ago

It won't matter because it wouldn't be the same game. It won't have the same style and feel. I'm betting that it will be a decent game, but that fans of the original series will disown it immediately.

N4BmpS2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

Am I the only one kinda (kinda is an understatement) excited for this title? Rockstar didn't follow a traditional format it seems like they did a complete 360(no pun intended)and went Darker than dark. I don't know I always admired the series so I highly doubt Rockstar screwed anything up. And it's been a while since I heard/read about this game.

Kurylo3d2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

theres no such thing then darker then the original max payne.. seems like they took out the darkness film noir for an overly generic badass looking character. (which is bad)

The game is supposed to be about a normal dude who lost everything... wife.. baby... depth of a gritty dark city....

This game here looks really stupid. I mean max paynes character himself wasnt the type to shave his head bald. It just looks kinda stupid. Its not max payne, its someone else... invisioned by rockstar to be some weird biker lookn dude...

I mean max payne was all about style and that film noir look with generally dark grey tones... this is just tooo sunny and happy looking lol.. This is nothing more then a shooter vs original max payne which was a shooter inside of a drama.

Then theres the fact of how the heck an nypd officer goes to columbia... or wherever this is... like wtf.

Convas2731d ago

You can tell it's that time of year again, speculation is in full swing, Fanboys are coming out f hibernation, news is getting more exciting. It's almost time, for the biggest trade show in the industry and people are EXCITED. I can't wait for it to start.

It's a DAMN good time to be a gamer!

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