1UP's Top 50 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010

This year's E3 is just weeks away, and with the 30,000 new game announcements pouring in daily, it is sometimes hard to keep track of the good stuff. That's why 1UP has put together a countdown of their top 50 most anticipated games of E3 (that they know of so far) in this delightful series of videos.

*Parts 1&2 embedded - parts 3-5 available at source link.

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N4PS3G2996d ago

How sad..confined to one game only..when you could be playing so much awesome stuff this year. Your loss

1Up-#1: Portal 2 - First one is a brilliant game, great choice. This gem is approaching with stealth

bjornbear2996d ago

why can't he have KZ3 and no other? is that so unbearable to you?

ok its a bit narrow minded sure but great way to use that excuse to express you ass.ache

LordMarius2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

killzone 3 and no other

but seriously I dont look at E3 for games I know about, so all these 50 games are meh, bring on the unknown

Timesplitter142996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

The Last Guardian
Portal 2
Dead Space 2
Deus Ex 3
MGS Rising
and Killzone 3

are the known games I'm looking foward to the most. But of course E3 is all about new announcements

Lionhead2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Gears of War 3
Killzone 2
Portal 2
The Last Guardian
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Little Big Planet 2
Medal of Honor
Batman Arkham Asylum 2

Hoping for AGENT footage as well >_<

R_aVe_N2996d ago

That is a good list you have there!

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bjornbear2996d ago

also LBP is they show smt O.o, and deus ex 3 might surprise...(i hope)

stonecold12996d ago

and 8 days announced killzone 3 motorstorm 3 eyeidentify news rfom 3 announced at the e3 with move final fanasty vs stays exclusive to the ps3 and kingdom hearts 3 exclusive to the ps3 sony has the e3 for sure nd rockstar makes gtav exclusive to the ps3 has rockstar quoted gta4 was limited on the xbox and they metioned before the next one would be exclusive to the ps3 and sames goes for agent sony has this one locked down and mass effect 1, 2 , and the 3rd one are alll coning to the ps3 and kojima next metal gear game coming exclusive to the ps3

Azianphil882996d ago

ohhh yea Eight Days and The Getaway

Pandamobile2996d ago

Portal 2, Episode 3 (god damn better be there), Crysis 2, Brink, MOH, and heck maybe even some Killzone 3.

Faztkiller2996d ago

That's a lot of good shooters I'd even add Bulletstorm and Resistance 3

Timesplitter142996d ago

"Episode 3"
yeah that and Duke Forever

Pandamobile2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

Valve cancelled the big Portal 2 event at E3 in lieu of a big 'surprize'. Colour me hopeful but if they drop Portal 2 to talk about something else, it damn well better be big.

Tripl3seis2996d ago

The agent I need info onthat game sony comon atleast a trailer killzone 3 my fave fps of this gen so far L.A. noir is looking awesome lil big planet 2!!!! I can't forget that one is gona be amazing resistance 3 mafia 2 ffvsiii if it stays exclusive to the ps3 and much more its a long list I can't wait for E3 let's gooo!!!!

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