Square Enix mystery title announcement on the way

According to Square Enix's David Hoffman, "Project X" will be revealed very soon, possibly as soon as next week.

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GUCommander3031d ago

I'm VERY excited to see what "Project X" is :P

Valay3031d ago

I'm actually pretty interested to see what this will turn out to be as well.

MoB213031d ago

Which in turn means your excited to wait another 4.5 years for this game to come out only to trash talk square enix about their shit treatment for fans and their lack of devotion to sony. Yeah, im pretty excited too.

thePatriot3031d ago

would get 10000 degrees and 4474747 comments for stuff like this. You know. back then

Son_Lee3031d ago

The letter "X" intrigues me more than anything. Does it have to do with Xenogears? Never played Xenogears but want to. Personally, I'm rooting for a console version of Parasite Eve (which means it would be PE4)

-Mezzo-3031d ago

desperately looking forward to it.

mjolliffe3031d ago

Can't wait! Anticipating it for a while now :)