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Submitted by godfree 2076d ago | video

The Last Word on Project Natal: "Is there a lag or do I suck?"

Gamertag Radio says: "The Last Word with radio host Matt Cooper plays Project Natal with his co-host Anton Savage. Check out around 6:50 where his co-host asks "There was a lag." and again on 7:55 "Is there a lag or do I suck?" (Project Natal, Xbox 360)

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BakedGoods  +   2076d ago
...given all the recent press I'm afraid it looks like Natal is still under-developed. Considering the lack of, well, games and with early reports like this, how do they expect to take on Wiimotes and Move in only a few months?
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Raoh  +   2076d ago
how do they expect to take on Wiimotes and Move in only a few months?
lots and lots of advertising
inveni0  +   2076d ago
I agree, it does seem under-developed. But, this video has made me form a little hope for the first time. What did it, you ask? The software was responding to him opening and closing his fist. Sure, maybe it would respond to a simple wiggle the same way, but what if it actually detected an open hand? I'm starting to wonder if Natal might be worth something in 2-3 years, when developers finally figure out how to use it (like the Cell during its first couple of years).
bioshock1221  +   2076d ago
People gotta realize this is still in development if it was done they would release it already. So I'm not judging a product that isn't finished.
blitz0623  +   2076d ago
"Is there a lag or do I suck?"
AtatakaiSamurai  +   2076d ago
I think I now understand MS brillant strategy with the way they've been elusive with natal showings
I now understand.

The plan is to set expectations so drastically low for E3 that ANYTHING new they show for natal will be looked at as a roaring success.

the sarah palin effect - Brilliant!
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sikbeta  +   2076d ago
Guys, you really Believe Advertisement is Going to Work after some Shows/demonstration of the device?

I know people can be dumb, but come on, you're underestimating the masses...

Better wait...
Bigpappy  +   2076d ago
Wow! the haters can tell by look with out even seeing the screen
I think you guys have out smarting M$. They thing by hiding the screen they could fool the hater into thinking that the game is fun by just showing the users faces. But the fanboys can sill tell that it doesn't work. Amazing!

Now to what actually took place: That last guy was making so much fun of the first player, that when he got his turn, and he knew he was going to be on the net, he tryed too hard not to look silly and never relaxed and got into the game. He reminds me of some of you on this site who care move about looking kool while playing games than actually enjoying the game.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2076d ago
"That last guy was making so much fun of the first player, that when he got his turn, and he knew he was going to be on the net, he tryed too hard not to look silly and never relaxed and got into the game. He reminds me of some of you on this site who care move about looking kool while playing games than actually enjoying the game. "

That guy look like a smuck with his grin, stiff movement and hands in his pocket!!!

Will there be lag? I'm almost certain there will be, but developers will just have to figure out a way around it. Instead though, I think the internet will explode because one guy said there was lag on video while another couple hundred seem to not have mentioned it....
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Denethor_II  +   2075d ago
"how do they expect to take on Wiimotes and Move in only a few months?
lots and lots of advertising "

after that hit them with a little more, and there you have it. A complete success. Except the time when they advertised FF13.

"The software was responding to him opening and closing his fist."

PS Eye can do this also; its not that impressive.
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Ilikegames76  +   2076d ago
Don't forget
the Jedi mind trick that they are going to use on the "journalists".
patterson  +   2075d ago
lol so true.
cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   2076d ago
The average consumer doesn't and wont know its just a camera.
deadreckoning666  +   2076d ago
"...given all the recent press I'm afraid it looks like Natal is still under-developed."

LOL, nice determination based on the fact that all uve seen of Natal is tech demos.

Speculation. Speculation. Speculation. Why do u people want Natal to fail? LOL, I got one better, which one of you have PLAYED Natal in its final form with an ACTUAL launch title????? Im waiting....

Ignorance, Desperation, and Insecurity, the 3 facets of idiots who pretend to know what they're talking about. God forbid u people actually test a product out yourselves before judging it.

@BakedGoods- No. Any smart gamer would WAIT until they test out Natal(in its final form) at their local electronics shop with a launch title. How can u be smart enough to understand that all we've seen from Natal is tech-demos but be too ignorant to understand that tech demos DON'T equal final product lmao.

People who prejudge Natal(or Move) without playing it first= SHEEP

@Baked Good- Haha...and YOU are the ultimate determiner of what REAL gaming is huh?
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BakedGoods  +   2076d ago
"...based on the fact that all uve seen of Natal is tech demos."

Exactly my point: tech demos. It comes out in four months and all we're seeing is the 'ball game'? Not to mention some impressions already note the lag and capturing problems.

Any smart gamer would need more confidence in the product before dropping $150 on an accessory.

EDIT: @deadreckoning666: Sure, wait till launch and play it. The rest of us will be knee-deep in some REAL gaming come the fall. I read gaming news/impressions so I can decide what games I'll commit my hard-earned cash to, and so far Natal isn't shaping up to be much.

REAL gaming = anything but a motion-capped 'slap-the-ball' game.
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oohWii  +   2076d ago
Something to know.
@deadreckoning666 - When saying something positive about the 360 or wii on this site, some things are reversed. The agrees are 360 fans that agree with you. 75% of the disagrees are PS3 fans that agree with you but are incapable of admitting it because for some reason that are afraid to.

Natal, has really got a lot of them afraid. It's so bad now that they have stop saying good things about MOVE and are working full time hating on Natal.

Go figure, the irony of it all is they complained to badly about how people prematurely judged the PS3, yet it's okay for those same hypocrits to do it to Natal.
The Maxx  +   2075d ago
Well Said.


"REAL gaming = anything but a motion-capped 'slap-the-ball' game."

Is Move or Wii "real" gaming?
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AAACE5  +   2076d ago
I just noticed on other post that when people think of Natal, all they seem to know is the ball game that was at E3!

Go to you tube and type in "Project Natal" and watch the first video!
Biggunz  +   2076d ago
it's looking more and more like M$ Ru$h-ware.
Sm0k3y_Bac0n  +   2076d ago
Yep, only the final product is really judgeable. Writing Natal off is like writing a game off for having bad AI in its pre alpha stage.
fr0sty  +   2076d ago
um... pre alpha? 4 months prior to release, most games are near the point of going gold. this is the point where they should be fine tuning every aspect of an already near perfect system. we just don't seem to be anywhere near that point yet, and them not allowing us to film a year old ball demo still to this day does nothing to boost confidence. nor does this guy and many others still saying it lags, and lags even worse with more than one person on screen.
niceguywii60  +   2076d ago
Have you seen so much hate and fear of a product before? Who in the hell would make an article about somebody asking a question? Microsoft will reveal one of the final builds of Natal and all its offerings and launch lineup soon. What does Ricochet's tech demo code response time have to do with Natal hardware and device/system software? lol

It's like saying PS Move response time will always be that of the Move boxing game.

Dam Natal is getting hated on by PS3 fanboys and Wii fanboys at the same time.

Ricochet is just a demonstration of what Natal can do and not a set in stone example of its potential out of the gate for all games and uses LOWLLOLOLOLOL
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badz149  +   2076d ago
"Have you seen so much hate and fear of a product before?" - yeah, the PS3! and then KZ2!
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2076d ago
The future of gaming huh?
HolyOrangeCows   2076d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
pixelsword  +   2076d ago
I wouldn't say it's under-developed yet, but
I would say that it's unclear at this point. The guy complaining about lag was playing like "I'm too cool to play this game" and he, in turn, sucked at it. The other guy was actually trying to play the game and not only did he do a lot better (per the sounds), but he didn't complain about lag.

BUT since just about everything shown on Natal had lag, the guy complains about lag, and funny enough this clip never even tried to show the game in play, I would have to say that at the least the lag issue is not resolved until proof is provided to counter that claim.
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Qui-Gon Jim  +   2075d ago
we'll see at E3
It could be just a case of "I'm losing because of the host advantage" syndrome where the person has to find external reasons for losing.

I expect Natal will have some lag because of what it is doing. There's a lot going on inside that system. I mean, if Move adds 6ms of lag over the Dualshock by tracking one point, think how much time all that skeletal mapping takes. If developers find the proper ways to use it, though, it can bring some really cool things to the table.
ThanatosDMC  +   2076d ago
They're gonna pay a lot of celebs for this one.
captain-obvious  +   2076d ago
when is NATAL coming out again ?
enkeixpress   2076d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Whoooop  +   2076d ago
Considering the scale of the area it is supposed to detect and the fact that this isn't a super high tech devise then it's bound to lag.
MajestieBeast  +   2076d ago
I guess circ du solei is gonna steal the thunder from Natal.
RememberThe357  +   2076d ago
This looks more lame the more I see it. Please MS bring the big guns for E3.
Bigpappy  +   2076d ago
What looks lame?
What do you want bigger guys? All I saw were to guys playing around. Did I miss something?
Demarco156  +   2076d ago
natal will suck
and will sell alot
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sikbeta  +   2076d ago

I mean, if something "sucks", it tends to sell Bad, for example bad games that sell badly, this rule can't be applied to natal?


Better wait....
Lazyeye79  +   2076d ago
@ sikbeta

Demarco156 is saying that Natal will suck, but because it is a Microsoft product it will sale. Kinda like Windows Vista. Or the 360 itself (just a funny joke not a real hater of the 360, its actually pretty decent)
Timesplitter14  +   2076d ago
The guy's pretty funny though
Awookie   2076d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
xc7x  +   2076d ago
things like this do look discouraging for Natal but don't completely judge it at least until we've seen it @ E3 [in person or videos],ok that's my 50 cent.
OutgoingSquall   2076d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
PS3owns360_   2076d ago | Trolling | show
Tripl3seis  +   2076d ago
I don't see myself playing this I'm good wit my controller sorry MS but ur jedi mind tricks won't work on me lol
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Godmars290  +   2076d ago
Look, screw the lag.
If Natal has games, with devs compensating for any shortcomings, then what does it matter.

I've actually been more interested in seeing the UI in action. More than likely, that's what's going to sell it to casuals. And if that has to come in later, comes in pieces via updates after the hype train officially rolls out the station, then that's when Natal fails.

All the PS3 needs is an app for the PSeye. At any time up to and including after Move comes out.
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Whoooop  +   2076d ago
Well it kind of does matters considering Natal revolves around body movement detection...

I understand that a small lag won't break this thing, but if it lags it sure should matter.
inveni0  +   2076d ago
I wish PS3 would let me power on and off, navigate the XMB, etc. with a wave of my hand and the sound of my voice. That would be cool.
Elvfam511  +   2076d ago
Say On Then Press The PS Button.... Say Move Right Then Move The Left Stick Right........ Lol
Kisama  +   2076d ago
Well, atleast it didn't (__color)(__noun) of death.
mcgrawgamer  +   2076d ago
I'll be glad when gamers can look past this natal vs move debate simply because each is a byproduct of the system they support. Open your eyes people both are nothing more than quick cash-ins to try and steal wii marketshare. If they were serious about this motion crap sony would have invested more in the eyetoy and MSFT more in the vision cam. Half the people here defending one or the other know they aren't gonna buy either peripheral. Most people here aren't playing wii sports or wii sports resorts anymore for those of us who have wii's. We may pull it out when company comes over but that's about it. For the most part you've been burned once. So why in your right mind would buy 'Move Party' or 'X natal Casual compilation' for how ever much they may cost only to have another piece of crap in your room, den, or living room that's going to do nothing more than sit there? Also how many people are seriously considering playing halo reach, gears 3, killzone 3, socom 4, or any other competitive game using motion controls? I'm not buying either. Unless of course Sony comes out with some type of Star Wars game where my move controller color bulb thingy reflects the color of my light saber "Mace Windu" purple. If that's the case then ignore this entire post as that's money well spent....
#15 (Edited 2076d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
BakedGoods  +   2076d ago
I hear ya. This motion-crap is a cash-in. Realistically, I would like to play some next-gen lightgun-styled shooters using Move, but we're talking about only a handful of games I'd use Move with, everything else will be DUALSHOCK 3 all the way.
YoMeViet  +   2076d ago
This damn red balls game again??? really?
OutgoingSquall   2076d ago | Trolling | show
keysy420  +   2076d ago
not intresting at all
come harder ms
Bathyj  +   2076d ago
The bad thing about Natal lagging is, my body already lags.

I'm mean seriously, if I have to do a roundhouse by the time my leg gets in the air and then Natal catches up I could have made a sandwich and installed some games on my PS3. My own lag + Natal Lag. Not good for gaming.

(This post is what some people call "tongue in cheek" in case you didnt recognise it.)
Demons Souls   2076d ago | Trolling | show
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2076d ago
Again the same game.

ijkabob   2076d ago | Spam
yojoe26  +   2076d ago
Wow. That looks so..............rrrrriiiiight. I might play Natal if I were in my house. Alone. With all of the lights off........and insane. *Goes back to playing Modnation racers*
chiwoo  +   2076d ago
bless whoever plays this game in public with plenty of attention. i hope they got something good at e3 i can play the wii allday and not get tired after seeing this i could breakdowm withen 5 minutes. too much movement.
R2D2  +   2075d ago
How big/fatt are you
I dont mean that in a disrespectfull way.
alb1899  +   2076d ago
i agree, i think we will be surprise with what Microsoft will show us at E3 thats why they just show this stupid game so it can no be copy and win E3!
Ps_alm3k  +   2076d ago
"is there a lag , or do i suck?"
I'll let a specific fanboy answer that...
dead_eye  +   2075d ago
the guy in the video answers by saying "I couldn't comment on that"

I take that as yes there is lag but we don't want to focus on that.
on your back   2076d ago | Spam
Black Maverick  +   2076d ago
That looks fun. :3
Henry Cain  +   2076d ago
The only time the public will really see what Natal can do is when M$ releases it, and you go to the store and buy it. It seems that M$ will pump major money into advertising this peace of junk, by the time the consumers realizes what's happing, M$ will have your money.
Ps_alm3k  +   2076d ago
Then when it doesn't meet their expectation, Ms will give them a three year warrantee and they will claim ms = god..We all know how the history goes.......
younglj01  +   2076d ago
lol look at dude face everytime he mention lag.
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