IGN Alpha Protocol Review

IGN's Alpha Protocol Review


Obsidian's spy RPG finally sneaks out, but is it ready for action?

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Abash2792d ago

I was really hoping this game would be fantastic, but it's just getting mediocre reviews. Still, reviews don't stop me from trying a game I find appealing. I'll judge it for myself.

cayal2792d ago

I'm going to do the same, either when I finish the current list of games or if the price drops.

UltraNova2792d ago

Same here..I am playing Red dead now and I must admit my worries about it being a GTA clone are put to rest! the game rocks!

BakedGoods2792d ago

I was anticipating this game big time. I canceled my pre-order and moved it to Peace Walker. I'll grab Alpha Protocol either used or after a price reduction.

paradigmfellow2792d ago

but instead I pre-ordered Trinity Universe. I will wait for the inevitable price drop to alpha protocol as well.

Timesplitter142792d ago

I want to love this game but the reviews are really putting me off

cayal2792d ago

Borrow it and try it.

RankFTW2792d ago

It's a really good game imo, well worth a few play throughs.

sofresh2002792d ago

Still gonna give it a try, I heard the story is good.

R_aVe_N2792d ago

The story is really good you should enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.