Backbreaker Review PlayStation LifeStyle

There is no doubt that Madden has been the football king for years. There has been little to no competition since EA Sports secured the NFL License exclusively back in 2004. Developers NaturalMotion have been hard at work developing Backbreaker for quite some time, defiantly aiming to take on the Madden juggernaut. The real question is, do they stand a chance?

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T3mpr1x3038d ago

Good review, might give this a rent sometime down the line since I don't usually buy sports titles.

doctorstrange3038d ago

But the physics engine is pretty sweet looking

BigPete79783038d ago

The physics within the game are amazing. Hands down the best I've seen in a sports title.

Trexman893038d ago

"While these are by no means back breaking..." I knew you couldn't resist making that pun! :P

VoicesInMyHead3038d ago

Waiting for this game to drop in price....39.99 sounds good....hell, make it 19.99 and you have yourself a happy customer

Funky Town_TX3038d ago

I will not pay $50 for this. There was a few things wrong with that demo. Tackle Alley was fun as heck to play. The camera needs some work and the play calling looks generics. The AI in the demo was very bad also. Looks like I might skip football again this year.

Taggart4513038d ago

I'm just glad to see more and more developers getting their way into this genre. I'm sure there are more, but I can only tell you that EA Sports rules the land. For a new company to make a game and then have it be relatively good? Sign of good thing to come.

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