Famitsu review scores

The latest review scores from Famitsu have been released.

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mau643000d ago

Just Cause 2 did surprisingly well.

Cheeseknight283000d ago

Well I really enjoyed what I have played of Just Cause, seeing that Xenoblade is superior in their eyes is a good sign.

Valay3000d ago

I am so, so, so happy with that Xenoblade score! Now I'm dying for Nintendo to announce this at E3 for North America.

tunaks13000d ago

xenoblade did well
cant wait

Endless_X3000d ago

Valay, can you translate what the review says please?

ClownBelt3000d ago

But but Kotaku said that Famitsu shouldn't be trusted!

Mahr3000d ago

"Kotaku said that Famitsu shouldn't be trusted!"

It shouldn't be.

Although in all fairness, neither should Kotaku.

asdr3wsfas3000d ago

isn't that the site where people have sex with animals? disgusting.

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