Games That Did And Did Not Deserve Sequels

There's always that one game that you play and think to yourself "Why didn't this ever get a sequel?" or maybe "Why the hell did this get a sequel!?" whichever it is here's some games we picked out that fit both of those thoughts.

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NewNameNow2752d ago

who else just loved intelligent qube?

RosoTron362752d ago

Genius! Very addicting game.

Marceles2752d ago

Intelligent Qube was dope, and as much as I loved Super Mario RPG, I wouldn't want them to make a sequel out of it. The sequel would have ALOT to live up to as good as that game was.

Jrlibrarian2752d ago

Well, they kind of made a spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG with the Paper Mario series and the Mario & Luigi series instead. I agree though, I wouldn't want a direct sequel.

mastemikegee2752d ago

and a second one did come out guys. google it! i still have my first copy. :)

thor2751d ago

Yeah! Kurushi final! I own the sequel, don't know what the article is going on about. It had a puzzle editor and other cool features :)

danielle0072752d ago

It stressed me out as a kid.

k2802752d ago

is was a lil late to the party for the ps1 but i loved it never got the game but rocked the demo all the time

SmokeCheebah2751d ago

I never had the full game but I was hooked on the ps underground demo for a minute. I never knew there as a sequel

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mario_player0012752d ago

I never heard of intelligent qube, but isn't there one for the PSP or something?

NewNameNow2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

different game, similar concept afaik

BakedGoods2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Big Legend of Dragoon fan here, the only other PSX RPG I truly loved outside of the FF's. The battle system reminded me of the skill-based Mario RPG mechanics. Haven't seen many RPGs since do it better than those two.

cayal2752d ago

I agree, I wish Sony would confirm those oft-rumoured sequels.

scar202752d ago


2Negative2752d ago

Legend of Dragoon was awsome. Im pretty sure I still have my copy of the game somewhere in a box at my mom's house. If not a sequel then please Sony give me a PS3 or PSP updated version.

NecrumSlavery2752d ago

Luigi's Mansion 2 and Eternal Darkness 2

Where are they???? :(

instrumentalist2752d ago

seeing Abe brings a joyful, nostalgia-filled tear to my eye every time.
Where the hell is more of Abe :(
(munch and wrath weren't worthy successors)

ZombieNinjaPanda2752d ago

Ah, I miss Luigi's mansion so much :(

Didn't the ending hint towards a sequel also?

NecrumSlavery2752d ago

Oddworld is returning, hopefully soon. Back to it's dark routes, that made the series great

jacksonsgames2752d ago

I agree with this post, Halo 3 didn't deserve a new title. Halo 3: ODST blowed master chief cock!

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The story is too old to be commented.