1UP: Protect Me Knight Review

1UP writes: "Xbox Live Indie game Mamotte Knight (Protect Me Knight) is a genuinely enjoyable, upbeat, and colorful hack-and-slash-meets-tower-def ense game. Developed by Ancient Corp (Beyond Oasis), with energetic chiptune music by Yuzo Koshiro and a sharp retro sprite art style, the game oozes just the right amount of nostalgia and charm. The game even comes filled with smile-worthy Engrish (extending to the in-game manual as well as the music track titles like "Defeat F$%kin' Evils!"). And it has one of my personal favorite features: co-op (up to four players). Overall, Mamotte Knight's a pleasing endeavor, but one that leaves you feeling not quite satiated by the end, like a fancy meal that's a little too small on the portioning. From character selection to the credits, the game takes about 20 minutes to complete on Normal difficulty".

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