Fallout: New Vegas Preview (ResumePlay)

RP writes: "You tread softly through the desolate road. Your eyes shift from one direction to the other -- you’re paranoid and no one can blame you – these are dangerous grounds. You grip your 50 caliber rifle as you watch something large move fast in the distance. It’s moving and fortunately not towards you, but towards another unlucky traveler."

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fbgamer3031d ago

Even though Obsidian has some pretty bad games under its belt (the latest being alpha protocol) I'm still hopeful for this one

ThanatosDMC3031d ago

I really hope they dont F this up since im really looking forward to dumping 150+ hrs on this game.

VenerableBmoney3031d ago

This piece is creative, but also gives way more insight into the story of Vegas than I ever had before.

NYShotgun063031d ago

Can't wait for Fallout New Vegas. I freaking loved Fallout 3, got to get the sequel.

stoppre3031d ago

the fact that Alpha protocol was made by the same team is disturbing. Because Alpha Protocol is not that good. And the last time obsidian did this was with KOTOR 2...also not good.

wicko3031d ago

Same developer but not the same team. Of course there may be some people who worked on both but from the sounds of it it was just one guy with a big ego who fucked everything up (on AP).

mau643031d ago

I don't have high hopes for this game. I'm more worried about where the Elder Scroll games are going.

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The story is too old to be commented.