Call Of Duty: Black Ops: Single Player Campaign Revealed

"It seems Treyarch have decided that they've pretty much exhausted the World War II genre of gaming. After milking the proverbial gaming cow for all it's worth in their previous title World at War; Black Ops will be set in the Cold War era and beyond, promising battles across the globe stretching from Vietnam to Russia. The Call of Duty games are renowned for their scripted, movie-like sequences and for Black Ops the CoD formula has not been altered in any way. Treyarch have promised Black Ops to be very character-driven, and will be the first Call of Duty game to have the protagonist actually speaking from a first-person perspective."

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DarkSpawnClone2971d ago

this sounds like it might actually be good imo looks like there really working on a great single player campaign finely a cod where the main character can speak.but only time will tell, Vietnam and Russia maps will be awesome.

Chaotic_Lament2971d ago

I always thought it was weird Soap spoke only in missions where you weren't playing as him.

So I consider this a positive move.

ReservoirDog3162971d ago

You're just overthinking. Plus, Soap died a mute at the end of CoD4. MW2's story never happened. It NEVER happened ok?

electricshadow2971d ago

Interesting. I will rent this for sure for the single player only. Multiplayer doesn't interest me anymore.

Gobot2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Nobody cares about single player in a Call Of Duty game, NOBODY. Not even the developers...

electricshadow2971d ago

If NO ONE cared, there wouldn't be one at all. Good try, but you fail.

dizzleK2971d ago

if it's 3,4 hours long there may as well not be one. mw2 took me 4 hours 10 minutes on normal, they shouldn't have even bothered.

thisguywithhair2971d ago

Of course all of the glitches and out right hacks that are possible in MW2's multiplayer just goes to show how little developers care about multiplayer as well.

PRHB HYBRiiD2971d ago

no one would had click this article...

Jack-Pyro2971d ago

Dose that make me nobody...cause if it dose than I have a lot of nothing to do.

2971d ago
HurstDarkStar2971d ago

well guess im a nobody too for clicking......darn just when i made a facebook

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