IGN: Planet Minigolf Review

IGN writes: "Planet Minigolf unfortunately stumbles with its controls and presentation. The difficulty of determining how hard you need to hit the ball makes what should be a breezy, laid back game a little frustrating. It does become fun with practice, though, and the course editor and community features will keep you entertained for a while should you get the hang of it".

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nycredude2969d ago

SO it's mediocre cause it's hard to get the hang of and is not a casual game like you expected? IGN worst and worst as the days go by.

Skynetone2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

put this close to zero before i even hit a ball, and i agree, determining how hard you need to hit the ball is difficult

do people playtest these games, are do they use the force

after missing the first hole he got upset, and there was a parrot sitting on a perch beside him, if he had of smashed that parrot to bits i would have bought the game

tdinc2968d ago

IGN just looks for reasons to bitch about a game. they are just as bad as EDGE. Game mags are useless now-a-days and are usually fanboys and paid by M$

Halochampian2968d ago

has it stooped so low that every site/mag that scores a game on the PS3 lower than a 9, is paid off my Microsoft?


Maybe... just maybe... this game isnt very good. And i highly doubt that Microsoft would spend any money trying to make a mini-golf game look bad. I'm sure that they would have "paid off" reviewers for games such as GOW3, Uncharted, and LBP. Not a mini-golf game...

But thanks for the laugh. I see that fanboys are getting more original with their attacks on one another.

waltyftm2968d ago

Just had a few goes and its pretty good, controls are spot on.