Gaming Age: Red Dead Redemption Review

Gaming Age writes: "Just as GTA3 came from the starting block with simplistic graphics, sophomoric humor, and buggy gameplay, the GTA series' storytelling was refined along with the technical aspect over the PS2's lifetime, and if that's any indication of Rockstar's aging process then it really doesn't matter where their next IP is set -- so long as they keep following the track they're on".

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Jason1433035d ago

Im already bored of red dead and havent beaten it do to the fact. We need more unique titles and not this same old genre.

ZBlacktt3035d ago

Best game out this year by a long shot. Not sure anything else is going to touch it when all's said and done come the GOTY awards. The free DLC coming this month just adds more on it. Then with more DLC set for a fall time release. Just a done deal. I'm about 40hrs into this and just loving every minute. So well done with so many random details it will never get old.