Are These This Month's Xbox Live Deal of the Week Promotions?

X360A writes:

"A recent magazine scan from an unknown magazine landed in our tips box recently that seems to detail the next few week's Xbox Live Deal of the Week promotions."

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36T3035d ago

Is TMNT worth buying? It's the only game on that list i'm interested in that i haven't played yet. Whoever hasn't played Trials HD should pick it up at that price.

xbox360achievements3035d ago

It's hard to recommend it for the full price, but it might be worth picking up at the discounted price. To be honest, it's not as good as I remember it was and its seems a step backwards from the other Turtles XBLA title.

Kahvipannu3035d ago

I'll definitely pick up Trials-HD, if this is true. Also Sensible soccer is one to watch, I had tons of fun with it, with friends, back in Amiga 500-days :D

36T3035d ago

Thanks for the response. I think i might pass, now that you mentionned it seems like a step backwards.

Denethor_II3035d ago

I love deals of the week.