Gears of War 3 Developer Commentary

Games Informer: We've spent the month relaying lots of info and details about Epic's big trilogy-ending game, but there's nothing like hearing straight from the folks behind the developers. To that end, executive producer Rod Fergusson and design director Cliff Bleszinski sat down to give us an audio tour of the Gears of War 3. Accompanied by screens and art from the game, watch the full videos below.

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Kingdom Come3036d ago

I know, they added it late, it was supposed to be on the site yesterday but it was a holiday. It will be fixed soon.

Double Toasted3036d ago

How cocky is it of them to push the date back that way it competes with its so-called competition. Heads will spin, I can't wait!

Kahvipannu3036d ago

4 player co-op = bigger, wider battles, atleast thats what I believe. Sounds awesome! Really looking for this.

Kingdom Come3036d ago

-Carmine presence announced, Playable character.
-New Kick Move implemented after chainsawing a Lambent.
-The "One Shot" Rifle is a Heavy Class weapon (Like the Mulcher).
-COG confirmed to have disbanded.
-Details on the ingame mutations of the Lambent.
-HB's (Hammer Burst's) are capable of headshots this time around.
-Marcus Fenix will not be the central character of each mission, with the game shifting between Marcus and Dom's group and Baird and Cole's.
-Adam Fenix discribed as the key to saving the world.