Struggling Music Rhythm Genre Desperately Needs Innovation

In 2005, the music rhythm genre was revitalized in the West with the release of Guitar Hero, developed by Harmonix. This new era of popularity peaked a couple of years later when Guitar Hero III and the new Harmonix franchise, Rock Band, came along in 2007. At that time music rhythm games were among the most popular in the entire gaming industry - the sky was the limit. With that in mind, publishers tried to capitalize on the immense popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band by releasing numerous spin-offs and iterations in a short period of time, saturating the market. This lead to a sharp decline in music game sales for 2009 and a gloomy forecast for 2010. With Green Day: Rock Band just around the corner and Rock Band 3 coming out later this year, what direction does Rock Band need to take to reinvigorate the franchise?

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mephman3034d ago

After seeing how much innovation Greenday Rockband offers, I really have to agree.

jammers3034d ago

The Rock Band Network need to get a bigger push.

supremacy3034d ago

That's what happens when you milk the cow, eventually it runs dry.

especially for a genre that requires physical add-ons.

plus nothing ever really changes, its always the same, just a new boxart and some new tracks from some band or singer. Mediocrity, commodity at best.