Tales of Unitia PS3 rumors gain more support

Scrawl: "The recent rumors of a new PS3 Tales game titled Tales of Unitia have gained more support this evening as a Japanese retailer has leaked the release date for PSP’s Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X as August 5, 2010."

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zetsuei12845d ago

Symphonia for GC, Vesperia failed hard to deliver a equal or superior experience.

Lets hope thats true, one more chance to the series.

Cold 20002845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

What the heck ?? Vesperia was fantastic.

Redrum0592845d ago

Syphonia is still better, especialy the story. But i'm dying for a tales game for my ps3. Wether it be visperia or unitia

zatrox2845d ago

Dunno what you're talking about, bro.
Vesperia was GREAT, if not of the best Tales yet.
Here's hoping for the PS3 release so I can buy it again.

sinncross2845d ago

Announce Verperia PS3 for US/ EU please!!!

I LOVE GAMES2845d ago


WHERE THE HELL IS Tales of Vesperia FOR PS3.

KiasuKiasiMan2844d ago

In my opinion I felt that Abyss for the PS2 delivered an experience better than Symphonia.

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ClownBelt2845d ago

The last Tales that I've enjoyed was the one on the PS1 which "destiny" I think

Even Tales of the Abyss failed me.

Sigh2845d ago

if Tales of Vesperia doesn't make it to NA, then this would probably do.

Infernostew2845d ago

Samco will find a way to screw us NA fans like that have so many times before.

Optical_Matrix2845d ago

Still waiting on the PS3 release of Vesperia. May need to just import it.

TANUKI2845d ago

Same here. I am hesitant to import it, b/c I want everything to be in full English.

Lavalamp2845d ago

A PS3 Tales you say? YES!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.