Deal - Nintendo Wii for $150

onPause Writes: "Crazy sale going on right now over at Amazon you can get the Nintendo Wii for $149.99 a savings of $50 bucks! The Wii also comes with free shipping. Why are you still here reading this?!? You should be over there buying one before they stop the deal!"

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RonyDean3034d ago

Now thats an amazing deal... Might be time to pick up a Wii!

eagle213034d ago

You better hurry up, this is based on existing stock. You better get going bro.. :)

N4GAddict3033d ago

Prefect timing with SMG2 as well

Fred-G-Sanford3033d ago

I'm not buying anything until after E3. ;)

t8503033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Rather take Wii HD.

Its called Dolphin Emulator. Runs games in 1080p, saves space and is free. Just buy the games enjoy the HD version.

Spend the 150usd on a GPU for the PC which really runs rest of the games in 1080 something no current console can reliably do.

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NYC_Gamer3034d ago

everyone should jump on this deal

N4GAddict3033d ago

Wii has a lot of great exclusives. $150 is a steal for the system.

Mahr3033d ago

"everyone should jump on this deal"

Seriously. Even if one has no interest in the system, they could probably make a fair profit buying it in bulk and selling it on Ebay once the sale ends.

asdr3wsfas3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Once again Mahr proves he has more business sense than everyone on n4g. I made a couple hundred doing this with dell laptops once and kept the free printer/headphones.

Say it takes an hour to ship/put one up on ebay. That's 50 dollars an hour. After costs probably more like 30-40 tho, jack up shipping and you'll make it back.

Mahr3033d ago

"I made a couple hundred doing this with dell laptops once and kept the free printer/headphones"

The best was the PS3's midnight launch, which I convinced several friends to come for company and for beating Gamestop's silly one-per-person policy. There was the point that next day where those things were going for five-, six-thousand dollars.

The free market is a beautiful thing.

mcroddi3034d ago

...I should buy one...but I dont have time!

N4GAddict3033d ago

It only takes a few minutes to order it...

Titanz3033d ago

Will be a game mostly all "core gamers" will wanna play.

How do you play Wii games on computer without a proper remote?

asdr3wsfas3033d ago

Certain bluetooth receivers let you use your wiimote on the pc. Research first, my friend bought one of the handful that don't work on accident recently.

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