AtomicGamer: Rage Preview

AtomicGamer writes: "It's rare when a game I'm hardly interested in skyrockets to the top of my most-anticipated list. But following an impressive, though hands-off demo, RAGE has gone from a faint blip on my radar to lighting it up like a Christmas tree. I was certainly familiar with id Software's next project and I'd even skimmed the Game Informer cover story from many months ago. But despite some slick screen-shots and id's Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein pedigree, I felt I'd seen enough wasteland-wandering, mutant-blasting, post-apocalyptic shooters to last me a lifetime. With an Xbox 360 gamepad in hand, Tim Willits, RAGE's lead designer and id co-owner, quickly proved me wrong".

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Marcus Fenix2972d ago

the game sounds promosing from what I've read through previews, however I've noticed something, whenever someone previews the game by visiting the game devs they almost always praise it, r there some back room deals or something?, im talking in general here, not doubting the game coz im almost certain it's goin to be a hit, it's not in the website's interest to tell u that they were not impressed by a certain game, and I guess the reason is that whenever u give that impression about said game the devs won't be kind enough 2 invite u to preview their next project or so, or maybe im just thinking too much into it, ur thoughts.