AtomicGamer: Alpha Protocol Review

AtomicGamer writes: "I have to admit that I was one of those cheerleaders for Obsidian Entertainment from way back in the beginning. Back before Knights of the Old Republic 2 was released, I was positive they'd make an even deeper, darker Star Wars game than BioWare's original, and in some ways I was right, but the meddling by LucasArts and the rather short year-long period meant that this epic RPG got cut short in its third act, and the game suffered terribly as a result. But with a resurgence in titles like Neverwinter Nights 2 back from a few years ago, an upcoming Aliens title as well as Alpha Protocol with Sega as publisher, I was sure that Obsidian could rightly put together the great games that I expected out of them earlier in their existence".

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