Old lady surfing Web at 40 gigabits-per-second

She is a latecomer to the information superhighway, but 75-year-old Sigbritt Lothberg is now cruising the Internet with a dizzying speed.

Lothberg's 40 gigabits-per-second fiber-optic connection in Karlstad is believed to be the fastest residential uplink in the world, Karlstad city officials said.

In less than 2 seconds, Lothberg can download a full-length movie on her home computer -- many thousand times faster than most residential connections, said Hafsteinn Jonsson, head of the Karlstad city network unit.

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JIN KAZAMA4164d ago

thats lightning spped. Imagine that being in every home. PLayng online would be lag freee!! Well, not for the 360 though...haha j/k.

Captain Tuttle4164d ago

And Blu-Ray would be useless.

Dragonopolis4164d ago

A lot of people just don't like to clutter their hard drive with movies or hook their computer to their TV. Why not just burn straight to discs. Yes Drives are getting bigger in storage sizes that doesn't always mean better. For instance, there could be a drive that is only 500GB but is faster and less money (not necessarily cheap per byte - we are talk price tag). PC gamers especially will look at the speed of the drive first then the storage size. Download Movies keep them of your drive and you can easily move them from a computer to another or a Blu-ray movie drive without worrying about running a Network or Connecting directly to a TV that might not be in a very convenient location.

Discs/Flash drives will be still be here a long while.

Captain Tuttle4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

You're right for today. What I'm thinking about is maybe 7-10 years out. Your big HDTV has a hard drive in it, maybe 50 terrabytes or something. All you have is an optical cable running into the component, no HDMI etc. Everything goes into your TV.

Or maybe you can belong to one of those online data storage places. I heard an interview on NPR the other day and this guy said there's a website with unlimited data storage for $5/month or something. All the movies and games that you buy and TV shows that you Tivo would be stored there. Then you could access them anytime you'd want to. 2 Seconds to download onto the TV's hard drive and your good to go. Hell, you wouldn't even need a video game console...Sony could make their TV's with SIXAXIS a button and go into video game mode and it would look exactly like your PS3(4?) interface. No wires, no clutter, no clunky pieces of equipment. I'm telling you, this is the way it's going to pan out. Consoles and formats are going to be obsolete.

Of course this all depends on fiber optic being run to every house but that's not far off...I already have it. Now if Verizon would buy this new technology they could get the ball rolling.

nirwanda4164d ago

you wouldn't need a hardrive everything would stream at those speeds you couldn't even write to the hardrive at that speed all you would fill the ps3/360 memory in 0.01 of a second provided you had the system bandwidth why would anyone use a disk when it would be quicker not to.

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jared817994164d ago

what i wouldnt give for that kinda width

Syko4164d ago

I agree, I think length is important too however. ;)

PS360PCROCKS4164d ago

syko if I didn't already give you a bubble up today that comment right their would have earned another one...

X4164d ago

I wonder how much the bill is going to be

Azurite4164d ago

She's getting it for free I believe.

DG4164d ago

How much did it cost to set up? is the question.

risk4164d ago

just for the sake of comparison, most company's pay 399-499$/month for T1...and this is OC3. Cost of operation would be atleast $1000-1500/month.

Sashy4164d ago

Thats in sweeden where I live, but not in Karlstad. Sweeden is like most hitech in broadband.

Kirderf4164d ago

I also live in Sweden;)

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