Video: Microsoft E3 2010 Passes - Project Natal Event & Media Briefing

Gamertag Radio writes: "The official Microsoft E3 2010 passes: Wristbands is the ticket for Project Natal event taking place on Sunday June 13th at 7pm. The other pass is for their media briefing that will happen on Monday June 14th."

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AAACE52672d ago

I've always wanted to go to E3. When I was finally able to go, it turned crappy. Then they went to that invite only stuff.

At least E3 is getting back to what it used to be... Booth babes are!

Bigpappy2672d ago

But The haters prove that anything with Natal in the headline is news worthy. And yes, the Natal show will be on MTV and some other gaming chanel.

Hideo_Kojima2672d ago

well he said that no cameras or any other form of technology is allowed at the Natal conference.

Thats news to me.

El Botto2672d ago

So basically, its another closed off event.

but but but I thought they were going to show off Natal at E3. I guess not.

NYC_Gamer2673d ago

Hmm.. why they wont stream the natal event?

jack_burt0n2672d ago

wow i did not know it was a total media black out for the circus event, that is crazy I thought gametrailers and spike had some kind of deal for televising MS events because they are owned by MS.

Kal11382672d ago

The attendees/press won't be able to have cameras, laptops, cellphones, etc, but the Natal event will be shown live. It will be shown on MTV and it will be available at as well.

dizzleK2672d ago

because it doesn't f*ckin work. simple.

Greywulf2672d ago

Just like Milo worked behind closed doors & monitored by MS.

But we all saw what happened with that.

GameOn2672d ago

No Troll. It's because MS have signed away the film and photo rights for the event to some network.

Jees, you'd think your types would stay fairly up to date on those things you hate on so rampantly.
Now go build a bridge to live under.

Demons Souls2672d ago

What the hell you mean, "your types"!?

SOAD2672d ago

By your "types," he's referring to Sony fanboys.

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yoghurt2673d ago

funny thing is, despite all of these big pre-e3 announcements from sony and whatever they do on the day, the media will love the big circus event msft is putting on and on that basis will announce msft as e3 winner (should there need to be such a pointless title)

oohWii2672d ago (Edited 2672d ago )

Where the hell did that come from. Man lighten up, how about we all wait and see what happens at the events before you start to point the finger.

Talking about conspiracy theorist.

godfree2673d ago

I won't sleep on no company until E3. Maybe MS has some cool announcements. Also the same with Sony.

dork07832672d ago

I got an e-mail saying I was invited to the event I guess it's cause I live in L.A. BABY!

xc7x2672d ago

supposed to go but not going now? dog eat ticket?

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