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If you can stomach the long loading times, and you're more than happy to wait for matchmaking to be patched in the future, and if you don't mind excessive rubber-banding in your single-player modes, then ModNation Racers is for you. More discerning players may want to stick with the rental, or wait for the inevitable patches to arrive before diving in. Whether you dive or not, you really should dip your toe in the water at least. ModNation Racers does do some great things and deserves all the credit in the world, but it also deserves a healthy dose of criticism for those things it just couldn't get together properly. At the end of the day, there's no justification for a game that forces two loading screens on you before it even begins.

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SmokingMonkey2966d ago

this review score will go up when/if the games loading times gets patched?

Did anyone think a game based almost purely on Modifications and Downloads would load up quickly?

Chubear2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

.. Destructiod gave Mario Kart an 8 or something like that so I'd like to understand, what is it that Mario Kart was/is doing that MNR is far behind on?

So far I see that MNR is offering over 100times what Mario Kart on the wii ever offered but like I said, I'm no expert in the genre so if someone could give me great pointers for me to understand what a kart racing game has to do to atleast come close to getting Mario Kart review ratings of 9s & 10s or in destrutiod's reviews, 8s; I'd appreciate it.

ChronoJoe2965d ago

No logical reason for this review, I have all the MK games, and Modnation, hell I still have Crash Team Racing, Speed Freaks and Diddy Kong Racing even. (not to mention more recently Sonic and Sega: All Stars racing) Modnation is simply the best.

The only thing this actually has wrong with it is it kinda lacks 'themes' Well it has a lot of tracks and all that with good variety but it misses the typical snow/ice theme, it'd also be very nice to get a couple others such as a cloud theme.

jjohan352966d ago

Score of Jim Sterling 2/10 for at least knowing English.

JonnyBigBoss2966d ago

I didn't, and I'm having an absolute blast. I've never played anything as collaborative and full of stuff to do before.

kasasensei2965d ago

Well... An optimized game would be appreciable.

PR0X12965d ago

Reviews are based on games out of the box. If the game got patched out of the box right away, than yes.

tinybigman2965d ago

that people consider 40 sec too long to wait. that's right 40 sec i timed it with a stop watch.

think about it how long is 40 sec you mean to tell me that 40 sec is a deal breaker for a great game.

i'm sorry but that's just retarded; this game is freaking awesome and waiting 40 sec is not going to stop me from enjoying this gem.

journalism at its finest.

edgeofblade2965d ago

From what I see... and what I experienced playing the demo... it's not the load times that kill this game:

"The modding is terrific, but what about the racing? This is, sadly, where the game fails to hold up."

This sounds pretty true to me. I LOVE the creation tool, but the racing is... disappointing.

solidjun52965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

seriously kid, you should win an academy award for best actor for your portrayal as a gamer.

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Bits-N-Kibbles2966d ago

i understand the complaint for the loading screens, but to lower the score for a game more than .5 because of it is incredibly stupid. People have have produced some amazing content in just a week with the brilliant tools given.

Parapraxis2966d ago

MNR packs some brilliant tools indeed, quite unlike Destructiod, which seems to be packed with just plain ol' tools.

aryan_irani2966d ago

they just want reasons to hate on the game. i mean if ur a fan of kart racing, this game is a must

Gamehead362966d ago

im amazed that this game is getting many low scores. this game is simply awesome. all fanboyism and bias aside, this game is really that good. anyone who minutely enjoys kart racers should buy this, and let this game be one of the many examples that proves reviews are damn near worthless. video previews FTW

pody2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

Critics are really hating on this game. Lets hope the customers dont JUST read the reviews.

unknownhero11232966d ago

no, just jim sterling who is just a fanboy posing as a "journalist/reviewer" ;.

Milky2965d ago

how are critics hating this game? It has 82 on metacritic, it deserves more than that but its still a great score.

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