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TOO PAWNED2973d ago

This good pleasnt surprise like Batman AA

ThanatosDMC2973d ago

I better still be able to swing freely...

krisq2973d ago

But I have a strange feeling it's not open world like previous games and more like Batman AA. If not linear completely.

ThanatosDMC2972d ago

That'll suck for me cuz Spiderman 2 changed my perspective of what spiderman games should be.

GUCommander2973d ago

My spidey senses are tingling

dizzleK2973d ago

mine are tingling too, only they're saying "waste of $60 incoming, look out!"

Irnbruguy2973d ago

thats not your spidy sense... ;P

Valay2973d ago

I just want this to be decent. It'd be nice to play a good Spider-Man title again. I personally love the series, but the games lately have been underwhelming.

mjolliffe2973d ago

Looks decent, but I'm not sure where all this talk of an Arkham Asylum rivalry is coming from :S

redDevil872973d ago

Its got the whole hiding in the shadows, picking off enemies one by one system, in the game.

redDevil872973d ago

If this is anything like Spider-Man 2 i will definately pick this up.

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The story is too old to be commented.