Modern Warfare 2 - Hidden/Deleted Maps Xbox Preview

A quick preview of what could be in the next dlc maps.

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CloudGamingHub2944d ago

hmm looks interesting...hopefully they will be in the pack :)

Lich1202943d ago

Am I wrong? But they've already announced the maps. Those are not in it.

rockleex2943d ago

Each pack will cost $15 each.

With the heads of Infinity Ward out of the way, Bobby Kotick is free to rape millions of idiot MW2 users.

kulex472943d ago

Fuel is, I'm pretty sure at some point all those maps will be included in various map packs (I'm seriously considering the map pack with SHIPMENT my favorite map ever!)

CloudGamingHub2943d ago

Who knows what is to come, only IW and Activison do. But apart from that these are just a bunch. At the end of the day they will keep us guessing :)

HarryM2944d ago

Too unsure on this video's authenticity to comment..

2943d ago
RPcinemas2943d ago

it was used on a jTagged xbox console, we found the files that way. It's legit !

-Alpha2943d ago

Good to see a fellow Muse-ic fan :)

Anyways, these map packs are way too costly. $45 for the sum of 15 maps? I'll just find people to gameshare with.

Crazyglues2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )


at 0:37 it says 3th map pack... ok last time I checked when you say 3 you use rd.. (3rd) because that's how you spell third).... LoL

-who wrote that and how in the world do you get that wrong -what in the world does 3th spell... LoL

Just too funny, I wonder how many people even noticed it..

xAlmostPro2943d ago

erm.. you could chill out :) '3th' is just a new way people seem to be saying 3rd on the internet, you know like all the other random words and ways of talking.. "teh lulz" "omg" all that stuff 'yano' ;)

2943d ago
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2943d ago Replies(1)
MGRogue20172943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Damn.. I like the layout style & design of that site.. Looks 'purty :)

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The story is too old to be commented.