Is Kratos Alive Or Dead? Not Even The Game’s Director Knows

You’d think that God of War III Director, Stig Asmussen would know if the game’s main character, Kratos, was dead or alive since it was his team who crafted the game’s story. Well that’s not the case. Not even he knows what the hec is going on with Kratos.

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NYC_Gamer2967d ago

i thought the series ended well and there is nothing left for kratos to do

N4GAddict2967d ago

They could always return to his past.

TOO PAWNED2967d ago

I just want NEW IP from Santa Monica, love GOW and all but i dont want them to get stuck with doing same over and over. Let them create new IP.

D4RkNIKON2967d ago

This is all I have to say...

Nitrowolf22967d ago

yeah even though that an old Vid from GOW1 right? anyway that could def lead to a new story

But idk Kratos could very well be alive with Posedion power of healing (although the river styx could prove that wrong unless it had no effect)

villevalorox2967d ago

well I thought there was....

Possible spoilers!

Did @t.H..3...N.....A not betray Kratos or did I miss something? I mean in all honesty if I am correct he could always go after that person and of course I'm sure they could come up with something epic if they really wanted too. Although I have to agree GOWIII had a peaceful ending and I would be happy to leave Kratos at that. There surely is a lot more they could get out of the series without milking the same ongoing story of kratos. However all I know is what ever they chose to do, I will support them and buy it :)

HolyOrangeCows2967d ago

Obviously, they did what they did so that if they decided to, they could make a sequel. And if they don't, they don't.

BattleAxe2967d ago

I couldn't figure out if he was alive or dead either.

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movements2967d ago

They'll never get rid of Kratos.

SpaceSquirrel2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

He'll find a way to be in the future titles

Anarki2967d ago

They said they'd rather not drag the series on.
Instead, they'd prefer to make a new game..

Would be good to go to the norse mythology..

BattleAxe2967d ago

At the end of GoW3 it was raining like crazy...there is a great flood. Kratos must build a large boat to survive. He and his boat which is badly damaged wash up on a Norway beach. The locals find Kratos in the boat unconcious with a hammer in his hand as he must have been trying to repair the boat. The locals call him THOR!

gtamike2967d ago

The underworld can't keep him :)

UnSelf2967d ago

Kratos lost the will to live so now he can actually die.

Gaia said the underworld cant keep those with a purpose

Eiffel2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Maybe a son perhaps? I mean out of all the women he had intercourse with in all three titles. One was bound to be preggers.

Rucury2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

What about his brother?

There was a video you could unlock in the first game that showed you what happened to his brother.

They tease that the next game might have to do something with his brother. Although that might have been shafted in the 2nd...

I'll find the video.

EDIT - Got it. Check it out.


Ahh the Cronos... We have to take into consideration a couple of things. First, I believe that video was in the original GOW, therefor it was merely a plot idea, a tease. Also, the narrator states he lived a 1,000 years. In God of War 3, you kill Cronos with a stab to the head. Interestingly enough, the video appears to show a hole in Cronos' head...

Also, remember that in GOW2, Kratos took the Titans from The Great War with the Gods and sent them to the present time (GOW3 time). That could have repercussions within the time-line.

All in all, I just doubt the Fate of the Titan is a tease to the next game...

But I do hope it is.

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