The Worst Wii Accessories.

A list of twenty dismal peripherals for the Nintendo Wii

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Smokeyy902885d ago

Good read. Surprising how silly some of those are.

Meodia_Art2885d ago

The inflatable racing car is an ultimate fail!

Rhythmattic2884d ago

Imagine, You could actually get the sensation of a Blow-Out....

BrunoBRS2885d ago

while the bowling ball is the ultimate TV destroyer :P

Shnazzyone2885d ago

Only a matter of time before ps3 gets these things. Wonderwhat goofy stuff they'll make for natal... i picture a cape or something.

Good article tho. That inflatble kart... just wow. How would you even do the tricks in the game.

ThatArtGuy2884d ago

Maybe some of it will make it to the PS3, but a lot of them won't. Move will have reduced usability if the orb is obscured, so that will keep most of the junk away.

BannedForNineYears2884d ago

Article summed up, all of them..........

*Besides the zapper. =P

dizzleK2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

that crossbow is freakin sweet!

they forgot the rayman plunger gun-

i had no idea so much idiotic garbage was created for this system. who buys this crap?

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