Alpha Protocol Now Available in North America

Sega is pleased to announce today that their much anticipated espionage RPG, Alpha Protocol on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, is now available in North America.

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N4GAddict3038d ago

Too bad it is getting mixed reviews

ElementX3038d ago

I'm sorry, but "looking good" would require current gen graphics, not something taken out of Half Life 2 from 5 years ago.

SuperSaiyan43038d ago

Half Life 2 looks pretty damn good *munches popcorn*

knight6263038d ago

yea game is getting mix review but i been playing this for a couple days and i like it i find it like ME2 but it does have its moments with some bugs and could be slow in some parts but i like it

PPNSteve3038d ago

Hope it plays as well as it looks, I've heard mixed reviews.

N4GAddict3038d ago

I might wait for when it is cheaper

MightyMark4273038d ago

Not worth the hype. Disappointed. I just hope Fallout: New Vegas won't be a disappoint since it's being created by the same developers of Alpha Protocol

N4GAddict3038d ago

Fallout: New Vegas looks great

DarkestTemplar3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Actually Obsidian seems to do much better when making sequels to other developer's IPs than when they have to build a game from the ground up (i.e. Alpha Protocol). I still look forward to New Vegas in spite of Alpha's questionable quality; just as long as New Vegas isn't too buggy or missing an ending ala Kotor 2.

Honestly, I still want to play AP purely from a "so bad its good" standpoint. I think this game will be worth a few good laughs (the main character's duck walk for instance... lol). I'd be crazy to buy this game, but as a rental, I think its worthwhile.

yamzilla3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

on a low end pc at 1920x1080 with 16x anti aliasing and AF looks better than 95% of all console games....not sure what that Elemantx was talking about....

Half-life 2 destroys this game

Rucury3038d ago


Don't mess with HL2 fans >.<

*cough*GameOfTheDecade?*cough *

SuperSaiyan43038d ago

How low end because those specs a low end machine would hardly run *munches popcorn*

Also PC's cost more to run games at higher visuals than consoles however console do not require all the messing about PC's do and consoles use less resources, power and patience. Oh and not to mention I like how my Xbox 360 interface looks how does yours look on your PC? *munches more popcorn*

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