Bored? Here are 50 Free Flash Games to Play

Explicit Gamer has a cure for your unstimulated cranium, an organized list of 50 fun and free flash games.

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cb8102974d ago

Why yes, I am bored. Thanks!

mrv3212974d ago

I'm on N4G and there's no articles claiming Sony/Blu-ray/PSP/Microsoft/Nin tendo will fail so I'm very bored.

Brewski0072974d ago

Stumbleupon is your friend! :) . Stumbling online games is awesome :P.

Also this is a handy little article though , i like the list ! Nice :)

ia_studio2973d ago

play Magnetizr is probably one of the best out there!

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MAGNUM-RAM2974d ago

the ps3 is my pc.
i use it for everything.

D4RkNIKON2974d ago

Try it out, if they are flash then I bet they will work.

KingstonPro2974d ago

If they work via the PS3, please let us know, might give them a shot after getting home.

Valay2974d ago

I remember getting addicted to GemCraft, but never finished it for some reason.

GUCommander2974d ago

GemCraft is awesome. Still never finished either of them, but I played them both a LOT.

Gestalt2973d ago

Sonny. I love that game. For some reason, the setting and story just seem so surreal that I just want to keep playing it. That, and the battle system and music is beyond awesome.

They should consider making a full indie game out of that.

GUCommander2973d ago

I completely agree. People would buy it now for $1. They could make it a bit longer, add some more skills and levels, improve the graphics a bit and they could easily sell it for $3-$5 a copy. I'd buy it...

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