Video Games: A Threat To Your Television

GameZone's Dan Liebman writes,

"On its own, television doesn’t offer much, but pop in interactive entertainment and the medium starts to live up to its potential..."

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UndeadAreGo2971d ago

I like the bit about dragonfly legs and sniping. I remember when the first semi-affordable HDTVs were hitting the market and I had a mean Socom obsession. I was hit with an impossible headshot from a standard assault rifle and cried into the mic, "How!? You're a single pixel on my screen!"

He replied, "Standard-def I take it? I just got my new Plasma. You're like two inches tall over here."

rezznik2971d ago

LIES! I don't know about you, but I still think that TV/movies tend to have better stories than games...I mean I love my games and all....but video game producers have yet to beat character development in tv, books, anime or film. Which is probably I play visual novels >>...they're games that actually tend to have solid stories.

Take Heavy Rain for example. If we were to base the story on the fact that it was just a video game, then yes, it's very good. However, adapt that story into a film and you have your generic psychological thriller.

N4GAddict2971d ago

Yeah, videogames still have long ways to go in the story department

rockleex2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

On average? Or the best from each medium?

Xenogears has a story better than 99% of all animes, and its inspired by animes. Not to mention the music and everything else in the game. All the themes the game touches on, the human condition, etc.

Metal Gear's story is MUCH better and more meaningful than any James Bond movie. The cutscenes triumph over any action movies I can think of.

Final Fantasy > Avatar

But I'm still waiting for an awesome game that only needs dialogue and character development. Think Inglorious Basterds but video game instead.

barefootgamer2971d ago

Interesting read. I'm alreayd more player than viewer. I don't have cable. What shows and movies I do watch, I watch through Netflix and Hulu on the Xbox. Most of my time in front of a TV is spent playing video games.

N4GAddict2971d ago

It is taking over my tv watching as well

Caspel2971d ago

I watch more movies through Netflix on my 360 than I watch television shows nowadays.

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The story is too old to be commented.