PS3 Claw Game Spotted

LootNinja: Most of the time when you waddle your fat ass out of your local buffet like OK Corral, Western Sizzlin’ or even Barnhill’s, you’ll often find yourself face to face with a claw game. We’ve all seen them – huge cabinets filled with stuffed prizes, toys you want for five seconds, towering lights, and annoying sound effects that deafen your ear drums. These claws eat up money like candy, with players hoping to snatch up prizes with a claw that has old man strength. The average claw game could be filled with a variety of prizes – candy, stuffed Tweedy Bird figures, or even some weird Golex jewelry. Check this PS3 claw game OUT!

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theonlylolking3003d ago

I saw that down in Florida when I went on vacation. They xbox, PS3, wii, and more.

rockleex3002d ago

For a chance to win a $299 PS3?!?!?!?! @[email protected]

Hellsvacancy3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Youll b there all day tryin to win summin, those machines are a con, bollocks to that, just drive the back of ya car into it and steal all the loot

playstation_clan3003d ago

the chances of winning that is 1,000,000 to 1, the amount you spend on that, you rather buy it in stores

I should know, i tried one

Fishy Fingers3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Really? We've had these machines in the UK since the console launched. PS3/Wii/360, they're all "available".

Anarki3003d ago

We get them everywhere in the UK... though, most of them are for Wii's...

TheBand1t3003d ago

Best claw machine I ever ran across was a lobster claw machine. They got a live lobster tank/claw machine, put in 5 dollars to use the claw atop the tank, and if you catch a lobster, they'll cook it for free.

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