Exclusive details of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Exclusive details are posted on the website . There is a lot of interesting info that they mention about this new game in the Assassin's Creed franchise. Next to that, there are a lot of new screenshots from the game. The link goes to the google translator (with the newslink in it).

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Junkeyz2880d ago

Great! Good to see the graphics keep on getting better!

Blaze9292880d ago

you can tell from those screenshots? Must have miracle eyes then.

Anyway, is this a full sequel or some kind of expansion pack/spin off game? I ask because I see Ubisoft is going to publish the game with a MSRP of $59.99 - price for full games.

Yet for some reason, I'm having a hard time believing this is a full $59.99 title...

Maybe because that stupid stunt they pulled with AC2's DLC.

Yeah, I doubt I'll be picking this up at that price.

Cpt_Yanni2880d ago

Like the article says, it's a full game :) It's something like what GTA: Vice City was for GTA III ;)

AridSpider2880d ago

I actually agree with Blaze on this one. Something doesn't seem right about this title. A 'full game' on the scale that is Assassins Creed in just a year? Or just stuff that was scrapped out that could pass as an expansion pack to Assassins Creed 2? Maybe even DLC. Either way I'm not seeing this as a full priced title.

Maybe because Assassins Creed II was so disappointing to me. I no longer view the series like I once did.

jdktech20102880d ago

agreed Spider....probably not buys for me anymore....something does seem fishy

Strange_Evil2880d ago

I'll wait for a price drop as well. AC2 dropped to 40$ just 2 months after launch... Ain't going to fall for that again.

ThanatosDMC2880d ago

I really thought the next game would be around 2012. I thought this was just DLC too.

ProA0072880d ago

basically another Halo 3: ODST

ThatMiamiGuy2879d ago

This is a full game. But more of a filler between II and III. Bloodlines has around 15 hrs of playtime in the single player campaign and even more with the multiplayer aspect.

This would be too much for DLC.

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Cpt_Yanni2880d ago

I updated the link with the transelator of google... Too many people had trouble with the fact it was in Dutch. I hope you guys will understand more of it now! :)

SoulramonNL2880d ago

I'm gonna buy this game first day!

Flyingelephant2880d ago

If I can play this with my friends on PS3 and it's as great or even better than AC: 2 then you can count this as one of my most anticipated upcoming titles even with all the great exclusives coming down the line!
P.S dibs on the doctor assassin!

MostJadedGamer2880d ago

As for comments as to weather it is a full game or not. The Rome in Brotherhood will be bigger then all the cities of AC2 combined. Also your suppose to be able to restore, and repair the enitre city of Rome. If done right this could add many, many hours of gameplay to the game.

Also a whole new level of strategy has been added to the gameplay as you can recruit equip, and train your own bad of assassins to fight with you or send them on missions by themselves.

Quite frankly Brotherhood looks like it is going totally destroy AC2 which I thought was a huge dissapointment. The absolutely terrible AI in AC2 really ruined my enjoyment of the game. Lets hope Brotherhood has been fixed the absolutely terrible AI that ruined AC2.

Brotherhood has a chance to be something truely special, and take the AC franchise to a whole new leve

I am very hyped for Brotherhood despite being very dissapointed in the first 2 AC games. I think they will finally devlier a quality game with Brotherhood.

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