Alan Wake's Sales Ranks in May via Charts shows Alan Wake's pre-release and post-release sales ranks, for the end of April and the entire month of May.

CwG tracked both the standard version and limited edition version of the game.
CwG says in one section, "The lowest sales rank I recorded for the "Limited Edition" was #362 on May 31, around 11:50PM.
The highest sales rank I recorded for the Limited Edition of Alan Wake was #27 on May 18, around 1:50AM."

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CoffeewithChess2752d ago

If you have played the game, what do you think of it? Is it a game you would recommend to others?

dangert122752d ago

great game great story i would reccomend you to get it this and me have the best stories in a xbox game so imo

bioshock12212752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Yes get it it's one of the best games on the Xbox 360. It is only getting a lot of hate because it's been in development for 5 years so I have no idea what people expected. Remedy is a small developer so people need to give them a break.

It has a Great story, atmosphere, and gameplay. Yes there are a few things that are not top notch like they lyp sincing but what game is perfect. It's one of my favorite games this generation. Too bad it seems like it's not going to sell well. I wish it was multiplatform so it could sell better I really want Alan Wake 2. Xbox 360 owners gotta start buying/trying other genres besides FPS.

iistuii2752d ago

Its really good. Night and weather effects are great, plays very it.

IdleLeeSiuLung2752d ago

I only played probably 2/3 of the game and on episode 4 or is it 5, but the game is fantastic. It is a slow starter, but it builds up by episode 2-3. I waste easily 2-3 hours without realizing it on a sitting.

The mood and the weather effects are the best I have seen, but the additional dialogue and background information scattered around the game really adds. The only complaint is the somewhat slow (intentionally made by the dev) and the slightly clunky controls. Also, if you are looking for a fast paced shooter and don't care for the story, this is NOT a game for you.

If you like the deep story telling of the first Bioshock or Mass Effect, you will love this game.

Pillville2752d ago

I liked it.


Pre-rendered cut-scenes looked too out of place with the regular game.
Too short.
Combat too repetitive. Same guns and same enemies for the entire game.
Clunky platforming.

blodulv2752d ago

The lack of weapon/enemy variety didn't cross my mind once during the entire play through. The atmosphere was that good in my opinion.

Clunky platforming is there though and could have been a bit better. Alan Wake does NOT like to jump.

Spydiggity2752d ago

except i think the combat is great. it's like resident evil 4 on crack. i agree there could be some more diversity, but it's enjoyable for the most part.

i'd also mention that the graphics aren't top notch. they aren't bad, but they scream PC in 2005-2006. the game is basically coming out of the era where cut scenes were rendered outside of the game engine. it does feel a bit out of place, but i understand why they did it.
as for being too must have played it on normal (which is easy). it's a must you play on hard. on hard, and doing a reasonable amount of exploration, the game takes me about 2 hours an episode on average. so 10-12 hours isn't too shabby. i can think of tons of games that come out nowadays that receive way more praise for offering much less content.

personally, i love alan wake. i have one episode left and i don't want it to end.

corneliuscrust2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Are pre rendered using the game engine. Not rendered outside of the game engine.

They pre render the scene so that there are no frame rate drops. But they are still all in game assets and still rendered using the game engine. This is why the lip sync still sucks in the cutscenes.

It is the same process done in the cutscenes of Gears2, Killzone2, God of War 3, etc etc

Fanb0y2752d ago

I do believe they went a bit overboard with the post processing. The transitions are quite jarring.

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-MD-2752d ago

The game is awesome and I highly recommend playing it. It's one of the best games so far this year.

Fanb0y2752d ago

The game had an incredible story. It's the only game I've played over the past several years where I thought about the story after I completed the game.
But still, I don't think it's worth $70 bucks. Wait for the price to go down or rent it. I'd recommend renting.

I'm kinda confused about Zane's role though.

TheXgamerLive2752d ago

also, with there being a long development process, one big advantage to that is that there's NO bugs to it whatsoever. I've also been playing red dead and well as you know it's plauged with bugs, still fun though but could be much better.

Red dead i give a 9/10 and Alan Wake a 10/10 imo.

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readiandnot2752d ago

I haven't played it, was busy with the Halo beta, then finals.
BTW, you have too much time on your hands!

CoffeewithChess2752d ago

A comment left on the site by a reader asked, "I have another question for people who have played the game. Do you think the game feels a lot like Alone In the Dark? It seems to me if you substituted the writer for a detective and the town for an island, that's what you would get."

Dance2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

its a mixture of max payne and twin peaks

Gamescares2752d ago

There are vague comparisons, but the main one to remember is Alan Wake controlled well, very intuitive, fast controls. Alone in the Dark controlled like a dog with broken hind legs imo.

PandaJenkins2752d ago

Finished Alan Wake last night, absolutely loved it. It isn't perfect but it is one hell of an experience and is a very good game overall. One of my favourite games this year, can't wait for the DLC.