Black Ops gets first list of weapons (images included)

Gamersmint : The latest Call of Duty game has stirred up a lot of interest among fans and rightly so. The trailer showcased some amazing visuals and set-pieces which was enough to melt even the most cold-hearted of gamers. Any new information regarding the game is eagerly anticipated by fans world-wide. Gamersmint has got hold of a list of weapons which will make an appearance in the game and images of the same.

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gryfindor12848d ago

Crossbow....Hmmm...In one of the GT videos there was some talk about how vietnam vets used Bow and Arrow as well...are we going to go Robin Hood this November as well?

Crazyglues2848d ago

The said part is Robin Hood would have probably been a better game then this... I'm sorry but I just can't get excited about this one, for one Treyach always hype up their games, and it's always a huge let down..

Remember James bond - "were using the same engine from COD4 so it's going to be an amazing game"... yeah ok

I can't even put into words how awful that game was....(how anyone could fuk up the COD4 engine, blows the mind, but for Treyarch that seems to be what they are best at)

Know don't get me wrong I'm still getting this game -why? two words..

"Zombie Mode"

yeah they better have zombie mode because all this game is going to be is a skin pack for COD-MW2 -if you played Modern warfare 2 you already played this game...(you have just been missing zombie mode) this game will be the same engine with modern warfare 2, just a different story in a different environment- Period.

no matter what the developers tell you, about how they are setting the bar and it's going to be this really new game style. -yeah right.

To put it plain and simple these guys couldn't code their way out of a paper bag to save their life...

they need the infinity ward's code and game engine which I'm sure they have and plan on milking it dry.. with this skin pack that they will be calling a whole new game.. oh yeah and it will also cure cancer -Treyarch is so full of it...

They will say anything to sell the game.
-anything to get those sells I guess, I guess that makes them a perfect fit for Activision. (the biggest money hungry gaming company in the business) I bet that CEO guy sits up at night thinking of new ways to rob gamers blind on map packs..

-Maps you already owned and played on the old game, we brought those same old maps back for a small fee - LoL

kunit22c2848d ago

offer World at War maps as DLC, because TBH I loved World at War's maps!!

Karooo2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

Treyarch seem pretty much on track to deliver a great cod experience.

cyborg2848d ago

They have an interesting arsenal of weapons, I mean all COD games have that but the crossbow in a COD game, now that's gotta count for some awesomeness? Imagine you cross-bowing your opponent online and walking over his corspe while a big fat arrow is pierced in-between his skull? That would be cool...

umm why are you guys looking at me like that? :-/

ZombieNinjaPanda2848d ago

*looks at throwing knife*

Yeah the same thing was said about the throwing knife. I wonder how they're going to limit the crossbow.

Gawdl3y2848d ago

The throwing knife is fun! Not only that, but it's pretty much the only damn thing that takes skill in MW2. I sold that POS game a long while ago, and got COD4 back.

kwicksandz2848d ago

crossbows shoot bolts not arrows

KingstonPro2848d ago

Wasn’t there a news post about these weapons earlier? The images watermarks have in them and I’m 100% I’ve visited that page via N4G before.

What a lame rip-off, just my 2 cents :P

arakouftaian2848d ago

having this guns if in the end they fell like floating bb guns
and they all sound the same?
COD are way to arcade for their setting.

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The story is too old to be commented.