SCEA Announces New PSP Greatest Hits Titles and PSPGo Rewards

Despite of the bad reception of the PSP in North America, SCEA announced today the new line up for the PSP Greatest Hits titles and the rewards for gamers who will be purchasing a PSPGo.

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MattyF3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Twisted Metal was one of the best launch games. Still a lot of fun today and well worth the $10 asking price.

remanutd553003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

you just convinced me to buy it , i have always wanted to try it but i never bought it now at only $9.99 i will sure buy it , its still at $19.99 on PSN though
EDIT: at MazzingerZ where does it says that a new psp is coming in that article , i failed to see it

MightyMark4273003d ago

Now I have a reason to purchase some of these games at a low price

ShadyDevil3003d ago

Everyone loves free stuff.

TANUKI3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Wow, 3 free [good] games!? Awesome. Plus, the additional cheap games are great too.

SuperStrokey11233003d ago

Wait a sec, doesnt Europe get 10 free games?

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The story is too old to be commented.