Remember When?: An e-Reader Was This Thing

François Chang of DualShockers writes, "All you kids and your fancy e-readers and e-books. You think you’re cool? I have had an e-Reader for almost 8 years now. A Nintendo e-Reader that is…"

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Chadness3038d ago

I remember this thing! Never had on though.

N4GAddict3038d ago

I wanted one but never got it.

GodsHand3037d ago

I remember seeing something like that, but not what he is showing in the pictures. I never owned a gameboy, so I had no reason to get things like these. I doubt even if I did own a game boy I would invest in this device.

Ninferno3038d ago

i wish the thing had just a bit more support

N4GAddict3038d ago

True, it was only for a few games.

NewNameNow3038d ago

i remember you could slide cards and get a whole freaking game on your gameboy D:

N4GAddict3038d ago

It was a pretty neat device.

Hitman07693038d ago

E-Reader, how you never came to be. All of these add-ons that never got a lot of support, why????? What a terrible thing for a company to have an abortion and then deny it's baby food when they realize it didn't die...

Valay3038d ago

I still have my e-reader!

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