Top 5 Xbox 360 Releases for the Month of June 2010

From the feature list:

"Kicking off a brand new feature here at we are listing the top 5 Xbox 360 releases for each month of the year, starting with June of 2010. The list will be in the order from 1-5 that our top editors would recommend them, if for example you only have the fund to purchase one game this month our advice would be to pick up whichever is in the number one spot, then going backwards to number five if the extra cash is available to purchase more than one Xbox 360 release each month. Some months only see seven or eight Xbox 360 releases but other months (like November) will see nearly twenty; either way we will only choose our top 5 for that month. Without further ado we present the top 5 Xbox 360 releases for the month of June 2010:"

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LaurenKB1233036d ago

How can we afford games the same month E3 is, when they tell us about all the Holiday stuff; jeeze!

VG_Releaser3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Why do the planetxbox360 people keep commenting on their own stories? All we have to do is click on the user and see that LaurenKB is UltimaEnder because both users appear and approve the same stories and comment on their own:

Just saying that commenting on your own submission to up the temp is lame.

*edit. Amazing, UltimaEnder magically appeared as I wrote this comment!

*edit number 2: PepperJack is also the same person. Check his profile and he magically comments on every (and only on) planetxbox360 stories.

Pennywise3036d ago

LOL! Pretty sad. I think all small websites do the same thing. I notice a lot of that nonsense.

If they actually had something compelling a legit N4G user would of wrote: "awesome list" and the sad user trying to promote their site with false excitement could save energy writing the next story.

UltimaEnder3036d ago

We have 5+ staff members so of course they visit the same links/sites - IGN, Gamespot, all of the sites do it as it's not breaking any rules as long as they are not the same computer/person - also looking at the stories you report/approve I would say you are corrupting the N4G system even worse, do you have a life or just follow me around reporting "lame" on the stories - just yesterday you posted the "Worst Decisions in Gaming This Generation" - wow that's a credible story....get a life man!

Inside_out3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Sniper: Ghost warrior...this game sounds good with great graphics...worth a look...chk out the vid below...AWESOME.....

Singularity...great graphics and bioshock...

Of course, June is all about E3...

HolyOrangeCows3036d ago

"4. Transformers: War For Cybertron"
"3. Green Day: Rock Band"


theIMP3035d ago

LOL, really man. It didn't say exclusives. What's coming out for PS3 in June that's sooo much better. The trolls on this site are getting unbelievable.

avengers19783036d ago

Why not top 5 game releases, all these games also come out on PS3, and some of the are also on wii, and not forget PC.
You would think it would include CrackDown 2 a Xbox exclusive.

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UltimaEnder3036d ago

IMO Alpha Protocol should have been number one, still glad it got some love.....

tdogchristy903036d ago

I ended with 3 games last fall, at it's current rate I have 12 this holiday.

Excalibur3036d ago

June 29, 2010 Singularity

June 29, 2010 Sniper: Ghost Warrior

UltimaEnder3036d ago

I can't wait to try out Sniper, looks like a VERY interesting game!

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