Challenging Conventions 15: What’s the Hurry?

TGR's Jeffrey Matulef reminds readers that slow exploration can be integral to immersion, and that heavy use of "fast travel" can ruin potentially captivating experiences.

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cain1412969d ago

I think it's good to have some form of quick travel, but I do miss the days of levitating around in morowind to get from place to place...

shoinan2969d ago

I feel like I know where this spawned from...

BetaChris2969d ago

While a lack of a fast travel mechanism adds a certain (and often welcome) sense of exploration to a game, it can also become an exercise in monotony very quickly if not properly implemented. Do I, as a gamer, want to spend long stretches of time going from place to place? It depends on if there is something to keep me entertained along the way...

cain1412969d ago

Even in GTA. I found my self taking Taxis after a while when I wanted to get missions done quicker...