ZTGD: Alpha Protocol Review

ZeroTolerance Writes: Alpha Protocol is the kind of game that comes along once a generation. Some gamers will adore it, others will loathe it, but most will respect it. The culmination of pieces that Obsidian has put together creates a game that stands head and shoulders above the competition in certain areas, while lagging embarrassingly behind in others. It is evident when you are playing Alpha Protocol that the developers really had some passion behind their creation, and at times it shows in some truly revolutionary gameplay. What this all boils down to is that Alpha Protocol is a game that you really need to know what you are getting into before deciding to drop your hard earned cash down for.

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N4GAddict2943d ago

More mixed reviews for AP

mrv3212943d ago

I'm looking forward to this game cheap. I made a list of games I want for cheap

Mass Effect
The Saboteur
Just Cause 2
Alpha protocol
Just to name a few.

Alcon Caper2943d ago

mass effect is pretty darn cheap nowdays

skeletonss2943d ago

dude mass effect is like 8 dollars on ebay. i have a feeling you MAY have said that being slightly fanboyish.

nycredude2943d ago

Mass Effect is worth the full price admission, let alone the cheap price you can get it for now. The Saboteur is less than $20 and Just Cause is Fun as hell and worth the price. Alpha Protocol I don't know yet but I have $60 gamestop credit so i might take the leap.

mrv3212943d ago

Waw 2 disagrees.

I want Mass Effect because it has deep RPG elements and it's cheap because it's two year old+ and the sequel is out.

Mass Effect looks to be a great game... I just have a few RPG's I need completing.

Dragon Age: Origins, Ratchet and Clank a Crank in time. Both have slow beginnings.

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Chubear2943d ago

This game's been on my radar for a while. I'm definitely giving it a go at some point. It looks very interesting.

ElementX2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

This game is crap! No, I haven't played it but the reviews speak for themselves. The only reviews higher than a 6 are from nobody sites. I can't believe I got so many disagrees in other threads proclaiming this game to be crap! The reviews speak for themselves.

*EDIT* @ Below:
1up is the exception. You can spend your money on a crap game, I won't hold it against you. However, when the majority of reviews are under 7, you can expect a poor game.

VileAndVicious2943d ago gave Alpha a B+. And its no obscure gaming site.

As for me...I think Ill reserve my judgments until I play it in the next few days.

TheFaggot_2943d ago

LOL man are you stupid?
You judge a game based on someone else's opinion?

nycredude2943d ago

Eurogamer gave it a 7..

nycredude2943d ago

I played many a game rated in the low 70s and high 60s that to me were very good. Reviews for games are retarded and don't make sense these days. Too many high scores are given out to high profile games and it's screwing up the whole review system and how games are perceived. Don't believe me go to metacritic and compare the average scores for games to the average scores for the other media types, ie movies, musics, etc. Int he movie industry you have to be the cream of the crop to even approach 90! Also you have to remember although reviews are supposed to be objective, it more an opinion so take them with a grain of salt. For example Iron man 2 the movie scores a 48 on metacritic but i thought the movie was awesome and I was very entertained!

Games are tremendously overated these days and almost all sites are sellouts!

They need to eliminate the number or letter score and just stick to the content of reviews, which is what should really matter!

EfanOne2943d ago

I was about to go on a long rant about the stupidity of game-buying based on reviews alone, but looks like you've covered most of my points (+bubbles for you!)

What I do mostly now is read a few reviews, then go to the game's forums and ask around. You get more specific answers that way, and fellow gamers (more often than not, though there are exceptions) are quite honest about what they like and don't like. Following that method, I've yet to be disappointed in a game purchase. Alpha Protocol is the latest to join the group :)

AFatalPapercut2943d ago

Those no namer sites aren't paid to review one sidedly, probably aren't paid to review period. Hence the reason why you see higher scores from those sites, it shows perhaps that maybe someone "no named" reviewed the game honestly.

VileAndVicious2943d ago

well actually I find that many of the time and maybe its just me, but often games that are rated 9 through 10 are vastly overrated (i.e. Red dead redemption, Gears of war, Bioshock, Modern Warfare, halo and Final Fantasy 13) while these are good games to me they in no way deserve the score they got.

However on the opposite end of the spectrum you generally have games like MAG (my personal current favorite.) Resonance of fate, Army of two: 40th day and Suikoden 3 which not unlike alpha protocol all scored anywhere from 5-7. I enjoyed every single one of the games listed above and would have scored them at least an 8.

To each his own I guess? But I have long since learned never fall into the hype or jump on any band wagons. Never let anyone decide what you like Element X

ElementX2942d ago

Well I read reviews so I don't drop $60 on a crappy game

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AFatalPapercut2943d ago

gamespot gave lost planet 2 a 5.5 i believe and this a 6.5...I thoroughly enjoy LP2, so it makes me wonder how AP will turn out in my opinion.

Zepherite2943d ago

I've played through and completed Alpha protocol as a stealth character and this has to be the fairest review of the game I've seen.

It is the Marmite of the video game world.

If you enjoy RPG's and can look past its flaws then it's easily an 8/10. The impacts of the choices you make are even better and more extreme than the mass effect series; Entire plot lines and major characters can be changed or missed out all together.

For some people though its flaws will be too much and it'll be more like 4/10. If you want a gears of war beating 3rd person shooter with shiny graphics and intelligent AI then stay away.

skeletonss2943d ago

viking alot that got bad reviews.