The Cars of Split/Second

On May 18, 2010, Disney Interactive Studios (I was surprised this was a Disney game too) published Split/Second, which was developed by Black Rock Studios for the Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.  Split/Second can best be described as a hybrid Arcade/Kart racing game where the players take part in a reality TV program racing for fame and fortune.  The Kart aspect of the game comes into effect with the triggering of power plays.  As a player performs stunts (jumps) or drives effectively (drafting and drifting) it builds up the power meter which can be unleashed on other players causing objects on the environment to explode.  These power plays can totally change the dynamic of the race.

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cain1413036d ago

Split second is a lot of fun.

cb8103036d ago

I'm not much into racing games, but these cars make me wanna try it

GUCommander3036d ago

I'm more interested in Blur, but these images kinda make me want to try Split/Second.

Xeall3036d ago

Split second is one of the best racers for those who aren't very good at realistic racing games, but still enjoy racers. I recommend the game