Sony creating new Star Wars MMO

CVG: Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with LucasArts to create an all-new Star Wars MMO.

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Independent_Charles2972d ago

i hope this is for 360 my pc is nothing special and i havnt got a ps3. but it is lucas arts so im 90% sure.

dangert122972d ago

lol sony are not joking any more

Montrealien2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

So one would have to assume SW Galaxy 2, since sony runs the SW Galaxy. But this will be when? in 2014 or something like that? they would be stupid to go up against Kotor online and that is next year.

Anarki2972d ago

Sony really are pulling out all the stops this generation. They got off to a rocky start, but HELL! I've been hearing nothing but good news recently.

Cannot wait for E3.

Blacktric2972d ago

You didn't read the source did ya?

"Sony Online Entertainment has teamed up with LucasArts to create an all-new Star Wars MMO.

Browser-based PC game The Clone Wars Adventures will be a free-to-play title aimed at a family audience."

It's not SW:G 2 or anything like that. It's just a stupid Clone Wars MMO.

captain-obvious2972d ago

I hope this comes out on the PS3

Conloles2971d ago

This is gonna pale in comparison to Bioware's.

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Abash2972d ago

Sorry, but if they're teaming up with Sony it's only going to be on PC and/or PS3

Kain812972d ago

i would say PC/PS3 no way a 360
did you even read the title
Sony online entertainment teamed up with LucasArts

Independent_Charles2972d ago

yeah i guess so now i think about it but a guy can dream

Christopher2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

New Star Wars MMO, with its very own NGE!

catguykyou2972d ago

Ugh, who would want another Galaxy game....SOE is trash.

HolyOrangeCows2972d ago

It's another one of those stupid Cartoon Network series games "for kids and families" and it's running off the free realms engine.

Nooooooooooooooo thanks.

sikbeta2972d ago

IDK about this...

SONY Online Entertainment, Bring FREE REALMS To PS3, I Want it NOW!!!

SuperStrokey11232972d ago

Its going to be playable at E3, im rather looking forward to it as well. Looks fun.

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N4PS3G2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Clone Wars. No thanks. I'll stay with Bioware's The Old Republic

Pennywise2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Of course you will...

Sony is coming out swinging at E3!!
Watch out for this "browser-based PC game for kids and families." to try to take over Biowares work... lmao

kraze072971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

I'm with N4PS3G. Not saying anything bad about the Clone Wars franchise, but SWTOR looks a lot more interesting at the moment. Especially considering that this is gonna be browser-based and aimed at the casual crowd.

Dnied2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Am i the only one that read the article? lol

It says its a browser-based PC game for kids and families... doesn't it?? lol

..Sounds like it'll be something like battlefield heroes

Pennywise2972d ago

Amazing how many people just read titles. This article proves it once again.

madmonkey02972d ago

exactly what i thought when i read the comments above.

i doubt a family based clone wars game is going to appeal the the masses. any way hopefully biowares mmo will be a hit.

Dnied2972d ago

k good then its not me. The amount of comments that were completely off topic had me reconsidering my sanity lol

Godmars2902972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Supposedly, lots of game-browser makers are going to be making titles friendly to the PS3's, so its reasonable to assume that SOE is going to be one of them.

sgw_dec0y2972d ago

So.. there will be 2 Star Wars MMOs now?

Montrealien2972d ago

technicaly 3, Galaxy is still up and running.

Godmars2902972d ago

One casual that's free to play, one subscription hardcore that's trying to redefining MMOs...

And one running on vapors that probably needs to be put out of its misery.

madmonkey02972d ago

i loved SWG, it has been 5 years and one month since i bought the game, but it was never the same after NGE.

Montrealien2972d ago

I would agree, ever since Galaxy went WoW on its users, it deserves to be shot since that race horse broke a leg.

Darkfiber2972d ago

Something something something dark side.

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