Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collections revealed

Square Enix seems to release a whole arsenal of Final Fantasy XIII related soundtracks. They even have a Japanese portal for all of their 4 FFXIII soundtracks so it isn’t unthinkable that the Piano Collections album will be announced there rather sooner than later. vgmdb (Video Game Music Database) leaked the first information about the upcoming Piano Collections album for Final Fantasy XII.

The album will be released on the 21st of July this summer for a mere 2800 JPY. It will be arranged by FFXIII composer (Masashi Hamauzu) himself and performed by Aki Kuroda, known for her contributions to the FFX Piano Collections (also arranged by Masashi Hamauzu and performed by Aki Kuroda).

Aside from Final Fantasy XII, every Final Fantasy game got their Piano Collections album featuring arrangements especially for piano. The Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack was received with a lot of praise and fans will be happy to hear that a piano collections album is releasing soon.

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darthdevidem013031d ago

Can't wait.

BEST Soundtrack this gen imo but not as good as past FF soundtracks (except for FF12's boring one).

OutgoingSquall3031d ago

Ff12 was the better game overall. I liked ff12 music more then 13 music but I liked both awesome soundtracks.

cobraagent3031d ago

ff12 music is so underrated. FF12: Epic music FF13: Epic-Electric music

darthdevidem013031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Sorry I think FF12 is the worst FF, the characters, story, gameplay nothing amazed me.

BUT FF12 i still a 9/10

I love every FF. (except FFX-2)

KingstonPro3031d ago

FF12 and FF13 had the baddest music around (except for FF13's battle music, I mean my god, IT ROCKS!!!!)

After FF10 it's been going down hill :(

BannedForNineYears3031d ago

FF10's intro song = best FF song in the world......Next to FF13's battle theme song.

Otheros003031d ago

The Kingdom Hearts piano soundtrack is way better.

Cedille3031d ago

XII is one of the best, and I'm really sad it didn't receive any subsequent release while XIII is getting the fifth one. Anyways, I look forward to it.

Mercy00013031d ago

Kingdom Hearts one was really good indeed.

Son_Lee3031d ago

I've been waiting for an announcement of this. The battle theme and/or boss theme would just sound epic on piano. Also would be interesting how they do the main theme all in piano. Can't wait.

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